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Champ Man 15 Kicks Off Today! (14th August 2014)

Download exclusively from the App Store

London, UK- 14th August, 2014: Champ Man 15 hits the app store today in preparation for the start of the Premier League Season this Saturday 16th August.

The classic football management game has returned, free-to-play and with thousands of players available to sign to your club. Manage any one of over 400 clubs from 23 leagues, customise development of your players and watch the drama unfold in realistic, fast matches specifically designed to enhance mobile play.

Key Features:

All new 2014/15 season data

Fully up to date team, player and competition data for the 2014/15 football season including all of the promotions, relegations and European qualifiers, all in place for the new football season for any one of over 400 playable clubs. With improved transfer logic and smarter transfer negotiations.

Improved Match Engine

More realistic passing, crossing, defensive decision making, including improved interception logic. More varied and credible match commentary.

More Tactical Options

New tactical options allow you to set the focus of passing, the type and frequency of crossing, intensity of pressing the opposition and instructions for set-pieces.

New Training Systems

For both teams and individual players - for teams, choose the area you want to fine-tune at any point of the season; shooting, creating chances, defence, possession etc. For player training, highlight a specific player to improve a specific skill.

Download today and experience the emotion, tension and glory of being a real football manager!

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