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Online Sweets Dealing Simulator ‘Underworld: Sugar Wars’ is Out Now on the App Store

Family-Friendly Remake of Drug Dealing Simulator Swaps Drugs for Confectionary Products

(Klaipeda, Lithuania / St Petersburg, Russia) -- 27 October, 2014 -- Independent developer A-Steroids today announced the release of online free-to-play resource management title,Underworld: Sugar Wars, on the App Store. Optimised for iOS devices and designed with location-based mechanics, Underworld: Sugar Wars is a resource-management game that allows players to trade with real live people as they chat online with local “dealers” to negotiate the best prices. To download Underworld: Sugar Wars visit:

Imagine a world where sugar is no longer a legal substance and the only place to turn for sweet cravings is to dealers on the street. Luckily the black market for sweet stashes is now open in Underworld: Sugar Wars! Players start off as a street corner hustler, buying cheap merchandise from local sweets labs and selling their goods for profit to junkies and other live dealers while simultaneously building respect on the street. “Sweet” dealers can rank up from a small street corner peddler to a global sugar kingpin using money, power and influence to build up a multi-billion criminal empire.

Check out the official launch trailer: 

“We are thrilled that our iOS fans can finally get their hands on Underworld: Sugar Wars”, said Andrey Podoprigora, founder and CEO of A-Steroids. “Even though we had to switch the content from the dark underbelly of narcotic distribution, to the candy sweet world of sweets to get onto the App Store, the entire concept of the game has been left unchanged so we believe the whole ‘sweets’ trading system will be as satisfying as the original format.”

In Underworld: Sugar Wars as players move up the dealing hierarchy, they hire runners and bookkeepers to increase volume and launder dirty cash. They can bribe the authorities with hard cash or use gadgets and accessories to wiretap police radio and avoid unwanted busts. Players can also buy warehouses and business fronts to increase storage and divert attention.

Players make their way to the top of the sweets food chain by competing to be the most prominent pusher of the hood in location-enriched leaderboards. Hustlers can take part in a merciless competition either with friends or in a team to build an underworld empire from a local peddler to country sugar baron and ultimately move to overseas markets and dominate the world.

From Underworld: Drug Lords to Underworld: Sugar Wars - The History of the Franchise

The original Underworld: Drug Lords was released in 2008 during the smartphone explosion. After English press debated its controversial drug-focused content in both the gaming and mainstream media, the original Underworld: Drug Lords was rejected by the App Store.  Under the circumstances, A-Steroids literally sugar coated the original drug dealing simulator by ditching drugs for sweets and Underworld: SweetDeal was launched on the App Store in April 2009.

Six years have passed and history is repeating itself. Since the sequel, Underworld: Drug Lords has been again denied by the App Store, it is currently available only on Google Play. After facing Apple’s rejection A-Steroids once again swapped drugs for candy with LSD turning into donuts, ecstasy transforming into lollipops and cocaine changing into chocolate waffles, hence iOS users can foster sugar addiction in Underworld: Sugar Wars.

For more information about Underworld: Sugar Wars visit:


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