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From LUNAR GREATWALL STUDIO and FISHEAGLE comes this uniquely beautiful and stylish adventure. It is a side-scroller that is partially 3D, meaning that the characters have a round fullness about them but not the ability to turn to face you or walk around objects etc unless there is a cut-scene which you are only watching and not in control of.

The heroine is Kit (aka Katherine), an Alice-like child who is just a brief spectrum of light away from being totally blind, who stumbles and tumbles into a perplexing adventure. Kit's vision, or lack of, is shown as a rainbow of colour circled on the ground upon which she walks. This occasionally expands depending on what sounds Kit can hear or whether her heightened sixth sense picks up on from the change in atmosphere or temperature around her.

Kit finds herself in an underworld that she has no knowledge of and thus every step could be deadly or at least bring serious consequences to her. Thankfully she has the eyes and extra ears (well actually she has more than just those bits - wouldn't that be gruesome? -she has the whole ginger furry bundle) of a cat named Hodge to lead her away/astray. 

You, the player, get to swap between controlling Kit and controlling Hodge, as you struggle to understand and solve the myriad puzzles in this labyrinth of passages, pipes and  mis-perception. It is for you to realise which character is best suited for every particular possible problem or how they can work together almost every step of the way. When you play Hodge the underground maze is bright and somewhat colourful but as soon as you swap over to Kit there is immediate darkness with barely enough light to make out what is going on. I occasionally found myself running Hodge up to Kit so that I could see what was there and remember it when I switched back to Kit.


ANOTHER SIGHT is beautifully crafted and uses the Steam media to ensure the widest possible audience and the most comfortable control system. WASD moves your onscreen character (or cataracture) and Kit will automatically climb steps, hop over walls and the like when she reaches them if it is feasible, she cannot jump or fly and she hasn't got superhuman strength (more's the pity). Hodge can be made to run and jump, springing effortlessly between specifically arranged platforms to get to rewards floating high in places Kit cannot possibly reach. Hodge will grab hold of the edge of a platform with his claws (maybe he has super-cat strength) and haul himself up as long as your efforts to make him fly through the air get him close enough to the target landing - if Hodge falls short he drops out of sight and comes back where he jumped from or he lands, cat-like (funny that) on all fours. If you fail at a jump more than twice then you are either not very good at controlling him or he is not supposed to jump at that point - don't prove yourself to be on the brink of madness by expecting a different result from doing the same thing over and over; the 'Grrrr!' factor in the game will get you to tipping point more often than not. 

For example. You find an obvious pressure pad on the floor and you move Hodge onto it. Something happens, such as a door opening. If you switch to Kit and Hodge wanders off the pressure pad on his own, thus closing the door, then no matter how many times you move him back onto the pad it is not how the game requires you to proceed (even if it makes purr-fect sense to you at the time) and so you don't (proceed) until you have discovered the secret of the puzzle.


There is a definite Alice in Wonderland feel to ANOTHER SIGHT, especially with the Ginger Tom aide, but this is not Wonderland and there are no talking caterpillars, white mice (may be a few rats) or armies of Playing Cards to contend with. The game, through Kit, addresses the likenesses between her and Alice early on so that the player can get on with the tale in hand and not be expecting the previously noted Cards, Mice and Caterpillar etc). This is a compelling drama, somewhat in the manner of the Audrey Hepburn (for the younger reader, Miss Hepburn was an attractive and excellent actress of the 50's and 60's mainly) film "Wait Until Dark" where she portrays a blind woman home alone when some vicious criminals arrive to find a Doll in which drugs have been smuggled into the country. (okay there are no 'vicious' criminals, certainly none as violent or evil as Roat (brilliantly portrayed by Alan Arkin in the aformentioned film) and no drugs hidden in a Doll, but the inference within this game of being 'Alone in the Dark' is well met).

The story unfolds slowly as Kit and Hodge make their way through what we believe to be a subterranean level under the City. Is it all a dream and does Kit wake up in the shower a year later? 


Players have to remember that Kit is virtually blind and so cannot move fast under almost any circumstances. Therefore if Hodge is used to pave the way ahead and note whether there is any possibility of danger do not be annoyed when Kit, as you take control of her, walks at her own natural pace. It is a bit frustrating that you, the player, knows the way ahead is safe, but it would be ridiculous and spoil the whole embracing atmosphere if Kit suddenly ran without any attempt at feeling her way along, just so the game could speed up a few seconds here and there. The whole idea is to give the player the sense of being in a world of darkness (no, not Vampire or Werewolf etc) and to this aim it is a good idea to play with headphones on and lights off, it really adds to the moody ambience, especially when the wife comes in with a cup of coffee for you and touches you on the shoulder - a shiver just went down my spine as I remember the fright I got, so intensely attached to the game I hadn't heard or seen her enter. I'm not saying you should have that same experience but to be honest it gave me some idea of what Kit is going through every step she takes. This use of Hodge is particularly useful when there are levers to be located and pulled. Obviously Hodge cannot pull a lever but unless Kit can see it neither can she, it's all part of the mystique.

For players who have the time to play it through properly and who enjoy adventure stories spattered with mostly easy but some thoughtful puzzles, this is a delight. Gung-ho players who want action on action will find it too slow to comprehend.

Another Sight is available now Steam:

In this latest video, key members of the studio talk about their imagining and creation of our feline friend, and a character integral to the story in Another Sight. Hodge helps Kit as she discovers historical figures, mind-bending puzzles and an underground world full of secrets beneath Victorian London.

Inspired by Neil Gaiman’s urban fantasy, Neverwhere, Kit and Hodge encounter a hidden society made up of the world’s greatest inventors and finest artistic minds, including Claude Monet, Nikola Tesla, Thomas Edison and other historical cultural icons.

Another Sight Gameplay Features:

 Another Sight is out now on Steam and will be coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch later in the year.

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About Another Sight
ANOTHER SIGHT is a surreal fantasy adventure set towards the end of the Victoria era. After construction works on the London Underground collapse, Kit loses her sight. Lost and alone in darkness, Kit meets Hodge, a mysterious red-furred cat. Together, they team up for an adventure through the surreal.  In searching for a way home, they will need each of their unique talents to tackle environments, intriguing puzzles and encounter a hidden society of the greatest inventors and artistic minds from a time long past.

About Lunar Great Wall Studios
Formed in 2016, Lunar Great Wall Studios was founded to create unique and compelling experiences; new and emotional games that inspire and engage. With a wealth of experience, Lunar Great Wall Studios is already crafting several projects, the first of which is Another Sight.



PLEASE NOTE: While playing ANOTHER SIGHT I took what should have been about 20 screenshots using the [Print Screen] button on the keyboard. This is quite often how I take 'photos' to use in reviews. On this occasion though, every one of them came out as a plain black rectangle and so I went onto good old GOOGLE and found screenshots (some official, along with the video) on there. None were actually claimed by name or copyright notice but if any of these are copyrighted I will delete them on request. They are not used for gain, only to give some insight into how wonderfully ornate the graphics are. Also if you click on the first heading it will take you to the official YouTube video of the game.

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