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This improved version of Anomaly comes with several exciting component upgrades right away, such as player standees and translucent plastic reminder pieces! It also features a large, beautiful circular board with die-cuts and a 3D Reactor Core to immerse you in the space station!

Fear Nothing is returning to Kickstarter on October 23 under a new name:Anomaly! In addition to the new name, we're also pleased to be offering the game at a lower price, and with even more upgraded components in the box from the start.

Anomaly is a fast-paced and suspense-filled game of hidden movement, combat, and deduction for 2-4 players. One player plays as the mysterious and deadly Anomaly that is terrorizing a failing space station, while the other players take on the role of science students fighting for their lives to outwit and outlast it. Find it before it finds you!

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