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Shipyard Features, Treasure Hunts and Optimised Tutorial will be introduced in Anno Online

London, UK — July 9th, 2013 — Today, Ubisoft announced that Anno Online will feature new content. Developed by Ubisoft Blue Byte, Anno Online combines the popular gameplay elements of the Anno franchise with brand new features suited to a persistent, web-based browser game.

Complete new shipyard design

Players will discover the new shipyard and get a fast and detailed overview of the ships and their qualities where they can build ready-to-use ships with captains who are already applied directly in the shipyard. Discover various improvements of the ships themselves, see trade ships traveling faster, use the enlarged cargo capacity of the transport fleet (for medium and large ships only) and find new exciting treasures with the expanded treasure hunt feature.

Expanded treasure hunt feature!

The fleet has been enlarged. Instead of the treasure hunter who had been introduced during the Easter event, there will be four new treasure hunters available to hunt and, of course, find enormous treasures. Users will find many different goods like tools and beer but also meat or brocade robes, ship parts, improved sails etc.

Optimised tutorial comes with better quest flow & explanations!

The tutorial has been reworked to provide a better explanation for complex game mechanics. This has been done by rearranging the quest order and implementing new explanatory texts. The accessibility has been improved; players will be guided step by step in the game.

The shipyard will now be unlocked at the amount of 900 vassals. This gives players more time to understand how the ship system works in the game and to prepare for the colonisation of a second island (as soon as the player has reached the amount of 1,500 vassals).

Ubisoft gives the opportunity to players to create their account and jump into the game on the official website:

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