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My newest card game is called Loonacy and it's extremely easy to learn and really fast and fun to play. You start with seven cards, and the object is simple: empty your hand. Each card features two images, these being Keeper illustrations from various versions of Fluxx. To play a card, one of the images must match one of those on the topmost card of the discard pile. The best part is, there are no turns in this game - anyone with a playable card can play as soon as they realize it matches. This makes the game fast and exciting, as players race to beat each other to the pile.

I originally saw this game as having turns, but as soon as we started play-testing it I realized it needed to be a realtime game. I love games without turns - the entire Looney Pyramids system began with my vision for a game without turns, which became the first game for the system, Icehouse. I was inspired to go turnless again with another Pyramid game called IceTowers, but otherwise it's not a concept I've used very much. Then again, it's always a challenge to make turnlessness work; one of my favorites is James Ernest's game Falling, but there are very few realtime games on the market. Anyway, as soon as we started playtesting, it became obvious that this was a game that needed to be turnless.

The working name for Loonacy was Keeper Chase. I called it that since I was re-using Keeper images, and they sort of chase each other from one to the next as you play the cards. But we never really liked that name, and I'm delighted with the name we finally came up with. Special thanks go to our friends at the design studio, Mess, who brainstormed up a bunch of options for us to consider, one of which was Lunatixx, and to Chris Baylis & Jacy Jean, two fans who via a Facebook conversation suggested Loonacy instead.

Loonacy features 30 Keeper images - several from each themed version of Fluxx. But my original version was more like original Fluxx - I used the same set of Keepers as appear in basic Fluxx, plus a few other random choices. But as playtesting continued we decided it would be more fun to choose a few favorite images from every version of the game. We pulled all the Keepers out of every version and dealt them all out on the floor of our new office suite, and everyone voted on their faves.

Loonacy is set to be published on March 28, 2014, which is just 9-months after I started building my first prototype. We fast-tracked this game into production, which made some of my unpublished game designs that I've been sitting on for years quite jealous, but this was a no-brainer. Everyone who plays it loves it - we definitely have another hit on our hands!

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