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Friedberg, 06/23/2014: Dwarves as far as the eye can see - since Markus Heitz The Dwarves his bestseller published over ten years ago, the bearded heroes are an inseparable part of the fantasy world. Even with Pegasus Spiele, the ax-wielding residents of the country have recovered since the cooperative success game dwarfs a permanent place in the range. Now the adventure of dwarfs proceed to the next round: In the summer of 2014 Pegasus Press published in cooperation with the software company Questor the interactive game book "The Third Expedition" as a mobile app in the form of A (dventure)-Books.


This first release of Pegasus mobile games is only the first in a series of interactive A-Books, which make the fight against Albae, orcs and trolls into a very personal thanks to the choices of the reader. But true Dwarves fans can get even more active role in shaping the adventure: In an open competition creative minds have come up with the history of the game book "The Third Expedition". The best idea for a prequel looks like a duplicate publication against: First, in the free Player Magazine Games orbit and soon as A-book implementation for mobile devices.


After the thrilling novel series by Markus Heitz and the varied board game of Pegasus Games, now proceed Dwarves in their next adventure - and this is personal than ever. On learn fantasy friends and coming authors to all the new A-Books Pegasus Games and the competition for the history of Tungdil and Co.


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