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Amplitude Studios announces the development of 
Endless Space - Wings of Freedom for Neo Geo X

Haarlem, The Netherlands – April 1st 2013 - Video games developer Amplitude Studios is proud to announce the development of the first Neo Geo X exclusive title: Endless Space – Wings of Freedom. This Endless Space spin-off will offer a brand new 2D horizontal shoot’em up experience to all Neo Geo X players. Dedicated to involving the gamers in the creation of their games, Amplitude Studios is once again inviting the community to follow and discuss the creation of its latest effort.
Amplitude CEO Mathieu Girard says: “We are all big fans of the SNK platforms here at Amplitude Studios, and we have always dreamt of creating something unique for the Neo Geo. The release of the Neo Geo X seemed like the perfect opportunity to make that dream come true. We know shoot‘em up fans have high standards of quality and we aim to live up to them. We’re very excited to bring the Endless Space universe to a new type of player, and we hope that success could even lead to a collector AES version of the game.
The HD versions of these two pre-alpha screenshots can be downloaded here. (
Background story for ‘Endless Space – Wings of Freedom’:
Science has always believed that at any galactic core sits a black hole of tremendous size and density. Following a trail of Endless ruins, based on map fragments found on a lunar temple, a Pilgrim exploration group  is about to discover that this may not be the case... Hopping from planet to planet and system to system, the fleet must fight off increasingly large and powerful waves of automated defenders bent on preventing them from unveiling the truth.
Challenges and questions await the player as they drive toward the core: What secrets are the Endless hiding? What treasures – or horrors – lie in wait? How long can my thumbs keep this up? 
Features of ‘Endless Space – Wings of Freedom’:
1-2 Player old school 2D arcade action
4 different ships with their own weapons and playstyles
Level, skill and power-up system inspired by RPGs
Arcade, Boss, Endless Survival and 2P Versus modes
Specific 16/9 and 4/3 modes
Chiptune music by FlyByNo
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