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Friday the 12th, 1964
The Syndicate is an underground organization comprised of demented scientists specializing in paranormal activities. 
They built a device capable of reshaping the personality of a human, making that person their test subject and slave 
to accomplish their dark plans. Their victims are the citizens of Amityville Asylum who are converted into lab rats for 
their demented experiments. However, not all of these people can tolerate the power of the device and they die instantly, 
except the detective Ed Sullivan who tried to expose the plans of the Syndicate and they trapped him. They tried the 
device on his mind with no foresight into what was about to happen. The detective's mind was too strong for the device 
and. instead of reforming the detective's mind, several different personalities were born in his mind.  Four different people 
from his memories became personalities who will now try to penetrate and reshape his mind.  The syndicate thought that 
they could use these beloved personalities to trick the detective into doing their will...
Horror, Mystery, Crime, a Detective, a cold and dark city. This is the Amityville place and here the Amityville Project: 
Phobos begins.  A new fast paced Miniature game for 2 - 4 players which combines strategy and skills to survive and
dominate in the Dream World!
Amazing art, well balanced game, 80 highly detailed Miniatures, 16 basic different models. 
Be ready and face your worst fears on Kickstarter: LINK:
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