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ALMIGHTREE - The DREAMER is a Minecraft style adventure game where the world is crumbling and only the power and magic of the Almightree can be its saviour.

You control the Dreamer, a blond-haired hero of diminutive stature but with amazing strength and dexterity, augmented by the courage and bravery required tfor the job in hand.

Movement is simple, Arrow keys for Left, Right, Forward and Backward and [Space] for Jumping. Unfortunately [Space] also operates the Plantsport device which means it is very easy to create a Plantsport when you intend to jump. Plantsports are what you need to move the blocks of earth around for you to climb up, down and across according to the path you have chosen (hopefully the correct path - there is a mini map onscreen but if you take too long to study it the world around you will crumble, taking you along for the ride).


There are three difficulty levels which can be changed during play by visiting the options menu. Easy option allows you to take more time deciding on your actions and allows also for errors. The Normal difficulty is a little more challenging as a time element is introduced that is faster than the general crumbling and then you have the Hard option which is unforgiving, no mistakes allowed and top speeds of dexterity and thought are required.

The Music and Sound options are pretty pathetic really, they are OFF or ON, there is no sliding scale or control of any kind other than the single On/Off switch.

As you run the Dreamer across the blocks the world occasionally shudders and shakes, violently knocking you off course and off balance while destroying more of the blocks you need for survival. Each task is a race to the next Almightree seedling and as you continue onwards so the difficulties become worse, actually one might be inclined to say that they become more difficult, and success less imagineable. 

I would say that these are once again retro graphics, but as Minecraft is one of the most played games in the Galaxy at the moment decrying the visuals seems a bit pointless, players are obviously beginning to look for more of a game that can be played and watched with equal enthusiasm, than for a game with amazing graphics, 16GB sounds and a myriad of colours bursting all over their screens. Basic is Best!

I have to admit that although I am not a fan of this game style, Almightree-the Dreamer does set the adrenaline buzzing and is damningly addictive.


Almightree: The Last Dreamer launched on Steam and other digital distribution channels Monday September 7, 2015 for Windows PC and Mac with a 40% discount off of it's $4.99 SRP.

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