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Reiner Knizia - Zoch zum Spielen

ZOCH make excellent fun family games, anyone who reads Games Gazette will have discovered that by now. Reiner Knizia designs good, very good, brilliant or okay games, Alles Trolli falls into the very good category.

This is a memory game based on colours and objects associated with vacations and holidays.

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One set of 7 cards, all different colours, are lined out in a row. Each of these cards show the items that are to be found singularly on the same coloured cards. (example: red umbrella on the yellow card).

One of each colour (single item) card is laid beneath the main cards (see below) face up. Players get a few moments to remember these items before they are turned face down. Then the top card of the deck is turned over and the first person to call out the item that is on the face down card of the same colour wins that card and the new card replaces it.

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What a simple but effective fast and fun idea! What a simple fast and fun game !

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