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is the best and the most successful historical, fantasy and Sci-Fi toysoldier
and game figure online shop in the world. We most focus 1/72 scale figure and
model with major brands: Caesar Miniatures, Miniknight, Italeri, Orion, Preiser,
Revell, Waterloo1815, Zveda,. In addition, we provide other brand Sci-Fi,
fantasy figures and wargame products.

Our business
is about broadcasting toysoldier and wargame hobby. At our company in Taiwan,
we design, import and retail the vast range of plastic and metal soldiers. We
devote to improve toysoldier collection and wargaming. We have a facility to
produce most of our miniatures and model. And contribute to charity and
marketing miniatures in new field.

The Hobby! Men’s Precious: dedicated toysoldier

collection is noble hobby fulfill history knowledge, creating mini-world by
delicate and fine miniatures. Wargame playing with large numbers of miniatures
carefully chosen and painstakingly painted, on a table top face to face with
friends. It is a social and convivial activity loved by Hobbyists the world

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