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Kalypso Media Releases Two DLC Packs for Action Plat-former Alien Spidy for PC

Leicester, UK – 26th July 2013 - Kalypso Media Digital Ltd has today set a whole new challenge to all fans of action plat-former Alien Spidy with the release of two new DLC packs for the Mac and Windows PC® - Easy Breezy and Between a Rock and a Hard Place. Available now for the Mac and Windows® PC via Steam and other digital platforms for £1.49/ €1.99, these two new DLC’s see our fearless hero risking life and limb(s) as he searches for his lost friend Virgi.
Download the Easy Breezy and Between a Rock and a Hard Place screenshots here
The Easy Breezy DLC unlocks three new ‘special’ levels, one in each environment, and will see gamers’ web slinging skills really put to the test.

Don’t be fooled by these special levels as they may be simple to complete, but are incredibly challenging to unlock all the stars. Venture through the ponds once more, avoiding alien fish, spikes and deadly under water plants. This challenge is dedicated to perfection. Will you be able to out manoeuvre the hungry fish before your protective bubble runs out of energy? Did we mention that once this is done you still have to collect all your stars as well?
Find yourself trapped in a cave? Don’t worry… if you can negotiate the sharp red crystals, poisonous fungus or deadly mosquitos you will be just fine! Escape this challenging cave with the help of a large number of power-ups, but no help from re-spawn checkpoints. Easy right?
In the Between a Rock and a Hard Place DLC, three new challenges await as you return to the Forest, Ponds and Caves, but this time there is no mercy! In the Forest, the smallest mistake will send you right back to the start in this tricky and unforgiving level. Do you have the skills to navigate our hero to the end? Determination and quick reflexes are what you need to prevail when you are dropped back in to the depths of the underwater Caves. Treacherous wind tunnels, deadly floating spores and unstable stalactites are just a few of the obstacles standing between Spidy and freedom!  
Developed by Enigma Software, Alien Spidy is a single-player action plat-former that delves deep into the world of a technologically advanced alien spider whose space ship crashes on earth while searching for his lost friend Virgi. Alone on the alien planet, “Spidy” sets out to find his friend, but also needs to collect the lost parts of his crashed space ship, whilst avoiding the unfriendly local inhabitants. Spidy must overcome the many obstacles he encounters by using clever web-swinging mechanics as he explores wildly interactive and colourful environments brought to life with beautifully smooth animations.
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