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Enigma Software presents ALIEN SPIDY

This is a side-scrolling arcade game for various media - PC (Steam), XBox360 and PlayStation included - and it is fun.
It would be a lot of fun if the controls were easier - ADWS for forward, backward, up and down with [Spacebar]
for jumping and left mouse button for throwing out a web. Not only are the controls a bit messy -  why not all mouse
button or all keyboard instruction ? - but they are slow to respond. My review is based on the PC version, I have not
played the console versions so cannot state that they are exactly the same.

Your amiable arachnid offers a lot of visual amusement with its actions and facial impressions, plus of course its little
victory dance at the end of each level. 

Like Sonic and virtually all of this style of game your job is to score points through a variety of actions and via lots
of different bonus targets, mostly static, that arc and hover in mid-air. Of course there are hazards, such as wasps, 
whose job is to hinder your progress - often sending you back to a checkpoint - so keep your fingers off the forward
button when this happens else you run straight back into it.

There are pits to jump over, most of these are filled with creatures or plants that will electrocute Spidy if he touches
them, there are trees and overhangs that Spidy can shoot a web up onto and swing (A D A D etc) over some of these
hazards, and there are creatures that block your path and you have to find a way to dodge them - usually by firing a
web to cause a distraction that makes the creature move out of the way.

Graphically it is very pretty. The backdrops are cleverly conceived and colourful in a basic kind of way; ie they are not
fully detailed but everything looks attractive - even the dark areas - and fun. There are a large number of this type of
arcade side-scrolling action-adventure games and Alien Spidy is as playable and addictive as most - just a shame, as
I said earlier, about the controls.




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