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Albion Online – First Look at the Steppe Biome
Sandbox Interactive unveils the next biome for their world rebuild with four different scenes to be found in the steppes.
For the creation of their New World, the Sandbox Interactive team has been working on several new biomes to implement in their sandbox-MMORPG Albion Online. One of these biomes, the steppes, has been revealed to the players today in a ‘first look’ article on the Albion Online website. 

The article describes the general feel of the steppe biome, before delving into several scenes players might find. The featured scenes are made by Level Designers Lino Claudius and Viktor Pekar, who describe their job as creating the puzzle pieces of the world and filling them with different “stories” for the player to discover. 

Four different scenes that players can encounter in the new biome are featured:
The steppe biome will be implemented in Albion Online with the start of Beta 2, later this summer.  

Read the entire article here:


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