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Albion Online – New Video: “Heretics – In the Mines and Shanties“
As a continuation for their faction introduction series, Sandbox Interactive releases a new high quality video about the Heretics below the surface.

Sandbox Interactive released the second part of their video introduction to the Heretics, a faction in their sandbox-MMORPG Albion Online. This video, the second part of the faction’s introduction, is dubbed “The Heretics - In the Mines and Shanties” and explores the faction further.

Using in game footage, the video explores the underground mines and shanties inhabited by the most vicious of the Heretics. Several dangers await the players, including a variety of mobs and the two ferocious leaders of the faction.

With the general introduction to the Heretics wrapped up, the video ends by hinting at the next faction being featured in a future video.

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