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Product Release: sorcerer flying blind

The new release Alakazam ... Boom? Pegasus Games makes Muggles Mage


Friedberg, March 31, 2015: Clean spells to be learned. Because if you do not speak the spells that mumbo jumbo can sometimes backfire. Thus, the book of the great magic is not happening just the right reading. Good thing it was left in a tower. That thought also the other sorcerer's apprentices. And so the young magician occur at the foot of the tower against each other. But in the context of the mystic masonry are their abilities head. Only those who proves concentration and magical intuition, can become a master magician here.

In Alakazam ... Boom? Zoffen is the magician in the fast exchange of blows. To cast a spell must be just name it and you can already beharken his teammates or heal from their attacks. But there's a catch: your own game pieces are only available for the players. So, while we know always what Sayings of counterparties to act - but what you yourself are able, one can only guess. Because even spell you cast can be removed from the game is getting better estimate, which spells one's disposal - and so you will be in the game gradually becoming an increasingly powerful magician. Ultimately, however, can snatch the coveted spellbook only the best "clairvoyant".

In the Pegasus Games New Release Alakazam ... Boom? Meet the enchanting illustrations Marie Cardouats the clever bewitched gameplay from the pen of Gary Kim. Two to five players eight years, even outdo here to spell novices who are working less than 30 minutes their opponents with powerful spells.

RRP € 24.95

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