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AIRSHIP PIRATES: is a role-playing game based on the songs of Captain Robert Brown  and  Abney Park, the Seattle based Steampunk band. You can find out more about them on the internet at

The system used for determining the results of actions is a fast and accurate one with no grey areas and not at all complex. This means that the players and GM have more freedom to create and enjoy the terrific Steampunk style setting.

Just to mention the system quickly again, to get a result the players roll a predetermined number of regular dice (d6’s) and count 1’s and 6’s as successes - 6’s can be rerolled if necessary. Therefore generally just one 6 or one 1 is a success, just perhaps not quite the success that was required - it’s all up to the GM and the situation.

Speaking of situations, if it seems like there should be some opposition to the players chances of success the GM can add Black dice to the mix (they don’t really have to be black, just any colour that is different to the other dice) and then rolled Black 6’s negate other die successes.

Characters band together as a crew of Pirates and work together to solve puzzles and go on exciting adventures in Victoriana. Players create their characters using a points system - they have 30 points to spend on their character’s attributes etc until they have a well rounded hero with an in-game background and a skill set that will allow their character to be successful as often as possible.

The wonderful thing about the Steampunk universe is that it is universal, meaning it can span the universe and time itself. Thus adventures for AIRSHIP PIRATES can occur in any era due to the possibility of Time Travel. This also means that the game could have a Dr Who type continuance but I wouldn’t advocate setting Airship Pirates in the modern world simply because it would lose its quaintness and also no matter how well built and armed they are, the Airships in question would be no match for the aircraft of the modern era.

It’s not a bad idea to think of an adventure as being something like a series of Pirates of the Caribbean style scenarios with the odd steam engine thrown in for good measure.. 


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