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Kalypso Media to Bring ‘Air Conflicts: Vietnam’ to Retail

Bracknell, UK – 20th June 2013 -  Kalypso Media has signed a deal to publish bitComposer Games’ arcade-action air combat game, Air Conflicts: Vietnam in the UK and Export territories. Air Conflicts: Vietnam will be available this fall for Windows PC, the Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft and the PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system. 

Air Conflicts: Vietnam takes players to the skies above Southeast Asia during the most heated moments of the Vietnam War, and challenges them to fly both fixed-wing combat planes and helicopters of the era. The game offers an extensive single-player campaign herein players will protect allied troops, launch assaults on enemy positions, engage in daring dogfights and much more. In online multiplayer, gamers can take to the skies in both American and Soviet-supplied North Vietnamese jets used during the conflict in furious eight-player aerial battles. 


“We are excited to continue our publishing deal with bitComposer Games and their take on the fierce air battles during the Vietnam War” said Andrew Johnson, MD of Kalypso Media UK. “Air Conflicts: Vietnam will take gamers on an emotional and exhilarating journey through a fascinating and controversial period in military history and will provide armchair pilots with the chance to fly not only fighter jets but devastating attack helicopters”
Vietnam. 1965. A long-simmering conflict escalates into a full-fledged war, and you are about to become a big part of it.
Jump into the cockpit of some of the finest combat aircraft as young Joe Thompson, a newly minted U.S. Air Force pilot. He is brave, talented and ready to do his duty, but his experiences during this war will change him forever.
Air Conflicts: Vietnam is an arcade-styled air-combat game that immerses players in the harrowing skies over Vietnam. Take to the air in screaming fighter jets or grab the controls of devastating helicopter gunships as you shatter enemy encampments with explosive ordinance, decimate North Vietnamese ace fighter squadrons, escort bombers as they deliver their deadly payload, or rescue stranded soldiers and deliver support troops to the ever-changing front lines of the vicious battlefield.
Key Features for Air Conflicts: Vietnam

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