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Wings!(tm), the classic flight-combat action game from the Amiga generation is back! With "Wings! this
Remastered Edition“ on Steam Cinemaware brings you back to an experience full of blasting action, drama 


I am not a great fan of retro games, mainly because I have paid £1000s of my £pounds for my PC and
monitor etc and am not over enthusiastic at being offered games that I maybe thought were good in the
days of owning my old Atari 400.

As you can see though, from the screenshots here - and yes these are screenshots and not enhanced pix,
the graphics are far superior to what we used to get back in the day. The game itself is fairly simple,
you have to shoot down enemy (the Bosche) aircraft and barrage balloons or strafe their tents, lorries,
infantry, supplies and buildings etc. Colonel Farrah looks like Josh Brolin with a moustache.

The controls can be modified to suit your own tastes, such as inverting the Up/Down and changing from
WASD to the Arrow keys, and the [spacebar] makes a good Fire button as it can be reached easily enough
from all areas of the keyboard, though as the left mouse button does have a modicum of use and thus is
factored into the control settings, I would have preferred the mouse buttons for firing and dropping bombs;
I did try to alter to this but to no avail.


You can play WINGS in English, Italian, German, Spanish or Polish, with Easy, Medium or Hard difficulty.
After naming your Pilot, who is a 2nd Lieutenant, your options are to select Yellow or Green for the colour 
of your plane and you have 40 points to add to the four ability/stats - Flying, Stamina, Mech and Shooting.

If you adjust Flying your control in the air is better, Stamina allows you to take more hits before you die, a
good score in Mech keeps you in the air longer and finally Shooting allows you to control the crosshairs a
little better.

After training - very easy on all levels - you join the 56th Aero Squadron (which it turns out, has nothing to
do with eating a large number of bubbly chocolate bars) - and fly solo missions until you hit 5 kills to be an
Ace - then you start to fly with wingmen and the missions keep a rolling along, getting a little more difficult
each time.


If you get yourself killed- I managed it - you are offered a chance to restart from the previous save slot. I
hadn't saved (I have played computer games for years and years and still I forget to save, doh!). If you don't
accept this offer (to restart) you can restart totally by creating a new personna and a new career.

WINGS reminded me of an old Atari game, Blue Max, about the Red Baron which I used to play over and again.
I am not sure I will play this as often as I did the Blue Max but it is one of those games that you just keep playing,
mission after mission until you suddenly realise hours have passed and you are still going. So I have to say it is fun
and it is totally addictive, plus it looks good even if it doesn't use the capabilities of the expensive and powerful PC
of today.

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