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AION Free-to-Play: update 3.9 now live

Players in anticipation of a new instance, more extensive inventory and enhanced server functions | Over 3 million accounts since free-to-play launch

Karlsruhe, 18.04.2013 – Gameforge has made update 3.9 of the popular fantasy MMO AION available. This includes new content such as the “Corridor of Betrayal”, a beginner’s server, as well as an integrated instance server. Furthermore, Gameforge has announced that over 3 million accounts have been registered since the free-to-play switch in February 2012.

Beginner’s server with special functions for AION newcomers

After a character has been created on a regular server, it can be transferred to the beginner’s server at any time and then experience undisturbed PvE adventures there. However, entering the beginner’s server is only available to characters up to level 55. Returning to the home server, on which the character was created, is possible at any time. Skilled fighters that continue to prove themselves in PvP combat, will from now on receive a “danger bonus”. They will receive an EP boost of 10 percent and a 5 percent drop rate boost for their courage on the normal servers.

Integrated instance server brings players together

The new integrated instance server offers AION players the chance to contest areas together in selected group instances – across all server boundaries. As a reward, you will receive more experience points and a higher chance of defeated opponents dropping items.

New “Corridor of Betrayal” instance and enhanced inventory

AION 3.9 also brings a content update with it: a new instance with the name “Corridor of Betrayal” can be found in the Silentera Canyon, in which the Balaur have set up their secret hideout. Together, 6 players of level 55 and above must attempt to loot the Balaurs’ treasures. The inventory has also been expanded, so that all Daevas can enter into the new adventures well equipped. Quest items, coins, insignias and tickets will automatically be stored in a separate storage cube in future, which can be opened via a new icon.  

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