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AGENTS of MAYHEM is set in the "City of Tomorrow" which is loosely based on the South Korean city of Seoul. It is published by one of the most respected and established companies, Deep Silver, and was devloped by Volition, the team responsible for the highly successful, adult aged electronic game series, Saints Row; in fact there are some cross-over points, places, missions and characters from Saints Row within this game.


The Agents of M.A.Y.H.E.M. are, for this open-ended, all action, animated adventure game, are twelve specialists who are chosen for Missions from four groups of three; each set has a code name and these are: The Bombshells, consisting of an Italian engineer called Joule, Rama an Indian immunologist, and a soccer lout from Germany known as Red Card. The next group are the Carnage a Trois; an American strategist called Braddock, a renown driver called Daisy and a Russian known as Yeti. The third set are the Firing Squad: an American gangster with the alias "Kingpin", and two assassins, the Japanese Oni, and the Middle Eastern, Scheherazade; the final band of three are the Franchise Force, a Colombian known as Fortune, an American called Hardtack, and Hollywood, a Canadian actor now proclaimed as the "Face of Mayhem". 


Each of the characters in the groups have a speciality, weapons, explosives surveillance etc and each also has a specific Mayhem Skill which can be triggered when your Mayhem Bar is filled onscreen by your actions and combat skills. Characters and their weapons can be slightly modified but mostly this is superficial customisation. The characters personalities shine through even amongst the carnage of battle and it is often worth picking an Agent for the job (or swapping to one after a failed mission) based on their individuality.

M.A.Y.H.E.M. the Multinational Agency Hunting Evil Masterminds, was founded by Persephone Brimstone (a character from Saints Row's "Gat out of Hell"). Like all organisations it requires funds to operate and in this case it is funded by the Ultor Corporation, again found in Saints Row ( this time in Episode 2 and the Red Faction series). Agents of M.A.Y.H.E.M proudly wear the purple fleur-de-lis logo of the Saints, and their aim is to stop Dr Babylon's supervillain organization, the League of Evil Gentleman Intent on Obliterating Nations, aka L.E.G.I.O.N. from destroying the World.


The animation is better than almost any television or film or even electronic game, though this is somewhat reflected in the price, £39.99 for a Steam code is quite a lot even in today's market, and this goes up to around £45.00 for a hard copy disc for the PS4 or ONE. On the AoM website there are two skins expantions on offer, one for free (Franchise Force Skins pack) and one (Firing Squad Skins pack) for £1.59. 

You can visit the website for AoM here


I am personally not great at fast action games, particularly driving or/and shooting games. But in AGENTS of MAYHEM I have three attempts for success on almost everything I try. Just a quick click and the onscreen character who is about to die is replaced by one of the other two Agents and my options change immediately, depending of course on which speciality and weapon skill the new Agent brings. As long as I can complete the mission, or at least get to a point where I can take a short break, the Agents who have been swapped out get the chance to heal up. Healing, sadly, isn't immediate - it would be great for a player (aka Klutz) like me if as soon as the Agent was swapped he/she returned to full health and be ready for action again when needed, but that would make the game too easy for everyone while making it possible for me to be successful - I have discovered just how easy it is to go through three Agents in one firefight, but after several attempts (and roll backs) I finally succeeded. (for the record: I also realised that I wouldn't be any good in a real life shootout situation - you don't get to die whilst learning and then come back with the gained knowledge).


There is a lot of violence as well as some suggested (rather than suggestive) sexual content which means that parents should at least be aware of. It isn't pornography or Hentai and it is not at all graphic. It is only worthy of acknowledgenment because it is mentioned on the game's website. I wouldn't put it on par with GTA for example, except perhaps for the animations and great storylines.


Though I have said it is not an inexpensive game for Steam there is definitely a lot (I mean about 20 hours) of non-linear game-play here. With over 50 missions and an amazing amount of animated cut-scenes this is one of the best third-person action adventure games I have played and I am fairly certain that players of these games will feel the same once they have tried it.






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