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Pathfinder Adventure
 Card GameŚClass Deck: Wizard  

A Wizard (or Cleric, Fighter, or Rogue) is Never Late!

New Pathfinder Adventure Card Game decks now available!

Get ready to gear up for the Pathfinder Society Adventure Card Guild with our latest Pathfinder Adventure Card Game accessories!

Class is in session with the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game Class Decks! If you've been wanting to try out different characters for either Rise of the Runelords or Skull & Shackles, look no further: seven different classes, each with four different archetypes, give you 28 more options to play the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game! From the fun-loving iconic fighter Valeros to poison-wielding rogue Wu Shen and the necromancer Darago, the Class Decks are an invaluable addition to your play-through, or for the upcoming Pathfinder Society Adventure Card Guild! Arm yourself with Longswords and Scimitars, guard yourself with Adamantine Plate Armor, and keep spells like Holy Light and Major Cure ready—just in case!

Check out everything for the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game here, and don't forget that subscribers receive 20% off all sets, decks, and accessories, as well as exclusive promotional cards not available anywhere else!

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