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This is an ADULT story-telling game and as such is adult-themed with adult illustrations on the dice.

It is NOT RUDE, LEWD or CRUDE, it is what YOU make it. It is also a game that you probably would
not play with your children, parents or grand-parents (or children's school teacher, local Priest/Rabbi etc).


It is a good fun party game when you have a number of equal-minded adult individuals at a party who are
at a bust as to what to do after the drinking and dancing have ended and the night is still young(ish). From
my experiences from when I was younger (a lot younger) party goers would play Spin the Bottle or Truth
or Dare
, maybe even Consequences etc.....

These dice can be used to create imaginative stories in so many different ways. There are no hard and fast
rules, no bullet notes on how to play or even exactly what the 48 unique illustrations represent. You don't
even have to have a winner if you don't want to - Roll Play (or Role-Play) should never be about winning,
only about spending good quality and highly amusing times with friends

I have here noted a few ways that you could play:
1). One player rolls all the dice. Arranges them face up in a row and then tells a story using each die once only
in the order they have been laid out. Then the next player does the same and tells a different story etc. When all
players have told their stories then if everyone is still compos mentis and for some unfathomable reason they want
a winner they each vote on the stories.

2). One player rolls all the dice, selects one and begins an imaginative tale. Then another player (in whatever
order you wish) selects another die and continues the story. This mechanic continues until all the players have
chosen a die (or more than one) and all the dice have been used and the story concluded - or the dice can be
rerolled and the story continued, ending only when everyone is weeping tears of laughter - or .........

3). Each player is randomly given a die and a number. You can draw the die from a cup or bag (perhaps use the game
box) and the players can be given random slips of paper with turn numbers written on (you'll need to prepare these).
When their number is called the player either begins or continues the story.

You can take any of these ideas and run with them or you can expand them or simply come up with your own ideas.
If you decide that you want a winner, you could have a special award - such as a kiss from whomever the winner
wants (obviously from the people at the party taking part in the game).

Your ruling or votes can be for the:
A). Best erotic or Most erotic story
B). Funniest Story
C). Most outrageous tale
D). Most plausible story
E). Best exotic or Most exotic story
F)  Most imaginative tale
G). Most provocative story
H). Most offensive tale
Or any other idea you come up with, just make sure that you decide the objective at the start of the game.







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