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FULLY BAKED IDEAS (the sister company to Looney-Labs) has recently published the definitive Beer & Pretzels game (because it has both Beer and Pretzels in it)

As if FLUXX wasn't crazy enough to begin with, the addition of alcohol to the mix, yes this is a true drinking game, has upped the looney ante to 11. It is also another fun FLUXX game where some commonsense should be exercised (mainly to prevent stomach aches from laughing too much).

The cards are the regular types from FLUXX games, Basic Rules card, New Rule, Goal, Keeper, Action, Creeper and Meta Rule. If you have played any other version of FLUXX then there is nothing new in DRINKING FLUXX that you need to know (except that certain cards suggest you take a drink or two), just setup the game as normal and start playing virtually straight from the box (after taking out the Basic Rules card and shuffling the deck of course). Okay there is a slight difference because if you are playing it as a Drinking Game and not just for the sheer fun and enlightenment of playing FLUXX,  you all need to have your favourite tipple ready at hand (to play without alcohol GGO has made a suggestions list below). If like me, you aren't a drinker of alcohol, or you have to get up in the morning for work, then use our substitute list (or one of your own), either way you should be ready for a night of visiting the Restroom between games, from the effects of drinking and laughing.

  guaranteed spill-proof (unless you turn the box upside down with the lid off)

Naturally the card titles are virtually all under the influence of alcohol. In the UK it would have added an extra smile to find a half-sized KEEPER card in the box - Half Cut (this is a term not in regular use outside of the UK and means a bit worse for wear after a few drinks). 

The Action cards include most of the usual actions such as Draw Two and Play Them; Draw Three and Play Two; Exchange Keepers etc but they also include several cards that require players to take a drink. Drinking games like this can be tremendous fun and extremely boisterous, so please drink responsibly or better still collect a selection of soft drinks and rename them: Here is the GamesGazetteOnline suggested list of possibilities (note only the alcoholic drinks mentioned are cards in the FLUXX game) substitute your own favourite soft drinks to suit your player's tastes. Of course you can play using the drinks mentioned on the cards but this is a game not a race to become inebriated so if you do play with alcohol don't let it ruin the fun.

Beer = Root Beer
Brandy  = Pepsi Cola
Champagne = Dandelion & Burdock
Gin =  Cream Soda
Irish Cream = Coffee
Red Wine = Red Bull
Rum = Dr Pepper
Tequila = Soda Water
Vermouth = Irn Bru
Vodka = Sprite 
Whiskey = Coca Cola
White Wine =  Lemonade

We also advise that you also only take small only small sips each time you are asked to take a drink even if you follow our suggestion and use soft drinks, otherwise the aforementioned Restroom breaks will be more regular. Also be sure to have a designated non-drinking (of alcohol) driver if you are not playing at home or where you and your players aren't going to be spending the night - this is a super game for 2, 3 and 4 day games conventions.


One of the amazing things about all FLUXX games is that if you can read and comprehend you can play. There are no complicated or complex rules and everything you need to know is always right in front of you on the cards. The basic idea is to have the required KEEPER cards in front of you, with no CREEPER cards beside them, that match the items needed for the current GOAL card. It is really that simple.


For example, if the GOAL is MARGARITA you must have the KEEPERS "Tequila" and "Fruit Juice" face up in front of you. However if you also have any CREEPER card face up as well then you cannot win. In DRINKING FLUXX there are only three CREEPER cards; Barfing, Hangover, and Party Foul. Each of these cards has two rules, the first is that they must be placed in front of you (we call this space "Your Den") and then you draw a new card (which may have to be played immediately depending on the card) and the second is a Special Effect - there are three different effects, one per card, all of which give you a chance to get rid of the CREEPER.

Previous games of FLUXX allow for them to be mixed together to form a larger deck and possibly extend the length of time it takes to play. DRINKING FLUXX is an Adult game, hence it is published under the FULLY BAKED IDEAS banner and not by the familiar family company LOONEYLABS, and as such hasn't been designed to mix in with the regular family favourite Fluxx games, even if "mixing" is a term well known behind the bar.

FLUXX is rapidly becoming a collectible card game but not in the same way as CCGs like Magic the Gathering etc where you collect separate cards. Players who save FLUXX like to have a full compliment of every different Fluxx game, from the original game (in black & white) through to the licensed Fluxx games like Monty Python, Firefly, Cthulhu, the Regular Show ..... and now the Adult DRINKING FLUXX game. Fluxx is a very amusing, highly contagious game, whatever version you play.


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