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Across the Dead Earth:  Dead Earth Games

It was a Tuesday the day the world ended.

AtDE is a fast paced, post-apocalyptic skirmish game, set primarily in the UK, although there is a brief mention of the state of the rest of the world. Three decades since the end of the Last War, and now small groups of survivors, roam the ravaged land, building reputation, taking land, and most importantly – loot.

There are several pre-generated gangs within the rules, but building your own is reasonably quick, and in my opinion, much more rewarding. After electing a leader, and deciding on his level of competence, through spending skill points on a tier based skill system, you then assemble the rest of your gang from a variety of classes, Medic (a must), Sharpshooter (personal favourite), Assault, Scout, Heavy, Scrapper and the obligatory Dog. After equipping your gang, from the extensive selection of weapons and rare items, you are ready to do battle.

The system itself is very quick to get to grips with, with task resolution taking place with the roll of two D6, bonuses/negatives applied and a target number to beat. In the case of combat, your opponent then gets to make a save, again with the chance of penalties being applied, which if failed, renders the target knocked out. A character who has been knocked out, is out of the combat, unless they are healed, or they recover (a roll of double one), if a knocked out character receives a second hit, or rolls double six on their recovery roll, they are out of action for the remainder of the game.


Also included in the game are event cards, which are played face down, so your opponent won’t know what they are until it is too late to do much about, these have varying effects on the game, ranging from the Blank (just bluffing) card, to the useful Lucky Shot card, allowing a re-roll of a missed attack.

Like many 28mm skirmish games, AtDE is played on a 3x3 play area, which allows for almost instant action, with rifles having a long range of 12-18 inches. Set-up and placement are crucial, no-one wants to lose members of their gang early on, so use of cover and the Watch and Wait (over-watch) order are without a doubt the best way forward (in my opinion).

Miniatures are available at although any post-apocalyptic figures will do, for what is, a great, quick, and entertaining little game.

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Review by Grant

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