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    ACARATUS is an arcade action, long-term, turn-based, medieval steampunk adventure. It is a Graphically stylish and gives a superb view of over-sized Mech-Tech Warriors in action. They move fast and strike hard which makes for a good fighting action campaign based or single-combat skirmish game. Your choices of play are Skirmish, which allows you to play single battle action games. Online, where you fight with and against friends (new-found or old acquaintances), or the basic story game, the Campaign, which continues to give you missions, tasks and quests as you progress.

The story begins over a decade ago after the Valerian Conflict when a warrior named Helios crowned himself Emperor. His opposition thought he had cheated because his troops had Battle Suits and they didn't, altogether now say "aaaah!!" Helios then had a new Imperial law, the Unity Act, quickly passed. The Unity Act prohibits any citizen to own or have access to a Battle Suit - this Helios guy wasn't stupid was he ?

Naturally not everyone agreed with Helios and the Unity Law - you always ruffle some feathers when you take charge of the Big Seat - and some of the Nobles and Merchants actiively rebelled against it and the Emperor. Slave-traders in particular were totally against Helios ands the Unity Act, including the infamous Adina Collara. From the rebellion the Religion of Mechanica was born and supported by the Empire, but the Church of Manju was excommunicated (or whatever the word is)  and condemned.

Bolt, a slave, was resented and because  it was he who reported Adina for having a Battle Suit, but then, in a dramatic turn-around, it was Bolt who saved Adina's life, and now they are uncommon bedfellows, buddies in a buddy-movie-style game.

Onscreen your actions are mainly controlled by the keyboard with F5 and F10 being predominant in usage other than the usual Movement and Action keys. Visually some of the inside scenes and screens are reminiscent of early dungeon based games where you see the shot from an angle above, giving you a complete, but askew, sight of the action below. Once you have given your orders and clicked on the central top button to end your turn your character moves swiftly as commanded and carries out any combat actions if he is in range of the target. Naturally, you have limited movement and actions per turn, so judgement, tactics and strategy all play major parts and make this slightly more than your average arcade shooter.

To enjoy ACARATUS you need to be in the right frame of mind which means not going into the battle expecting mindless violence as you will not get it in the dose you require. Sure enough there is fighting, a lot of it of course, but it's how you approach the combat situations is where the real thrill of Acaratus is. It's fast, it's deadly, but it's also capable of allowing the players to think before they leap into the fray. Think of it as Chess with balls and you won't be far wrong.

Game Features 

Deep tactical turn-based gameplay with medieval mechs  ***  Explore a vast randomized map with interesting encounters and surprises 

Construct your battle suits with modular attachments       ***   Find collectable cards that fit your play style 

Fight it out against other players in the battle arenas

 You will get three random cards taken from these six when you sign up to play
Booster packs, also of 3 random cards, are available for separate purchase. The cards can be used for various actions and to give you advantages during play.


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