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Abluxxen : The beastly good cards steal

The new card game Ravensburger " Abluxxen " you have to watch like a hawk . Because only recommend a player has swiped a card and thus potential points. But beware, those who are too greedy and do not get rid of his cards until the end of the game , collecting a lot of negative points. And that goes faster than you think .

Each player gets 13 cards, and you can steal the snappy cards go. Who starts arbitrarily many sets of cards with the same number . The more , the better, because each card is worth at the end points and you do it the appearance of heavy , one the cards back abzuluxxen . Because that would have the next player the same number of cards design with greater value. But beware: if you steal too much and has his hands full at the end cards, collected a lot of negative points. It is , cunning and shrewd to play and keep the competition constantly in mind. Bluffing the other players only or actually sets this equal to his last cards from ? Then it's as fast as possible to get rid of their own . Because the game ends immediately when a player has all the cards stored . Who can look forward to plus points , and who is in the red ?

Abluxxen is a varied card game with lots of emotion. The smart Kartenklau of multiple "Game of the Year" winners Wolfgang Kramer and Michael Kiesling costs about twelve euros and will appear in January 2014.

Abluxxen  by Wolfgang Kramer & Michael Kiessling
for 2-5 Players from 10 years  about 12 euros  ET January 2014

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