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Wrong Chemistry Awarded by Family Review Center as Product of the Year

Games Magazine Nominated the Game as Best Family Game for 2014. 

Wrong Chemistry as well as Expand Your Lab are now available in USA, Canada and Mexico by Game Salute and through our new partner Lex Grup the game will be also available in Romania.
Your can always contact us at if you have additional questions regarding the game and where you can find it.

The Wired Magazine honored 12 Realms by Ranking the game as one of the 100 Most Intelligent Games. WIRED Magazine.  Several reviews have been published so far for the game by BG News (8/10), Dad's Gaming Addiction (8/10), BalenaLudens (8.5/10) and more reviews are coming as well as videos from our partners around the world. We have created a bilingual FAQ for the game (English and German) in order to help people learn better the game. Just click the FAQ here and download the PDF File.

The English Version of 12 Realms is available via Game Salute & Spiral Galaxy Games. The German Version of 12 Realms is available via MAGE Company and New Brave World. The Italian Version of the game is available via Currently we work on the 2nd Edition of the game: 12 Realms Ancestors Legacy creating new variants, scenarios, miniatures, hand painted miniatures and much more. We hope be ready to launch the game on Kickstarter in the coming spring.

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