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Ankh is a game of area control where you play as the gods of ancient Egypt, attempting to hold on to power as the country moves from polytheism to monotheism. As such it’s a ‘last god standing’ situation.

Don’t worry however, there’s no player elimination. Gods that get knocked out have the opportunity to join with others, forming a new god (so Omon-ra, rather than just Ra). This reflects the transition that many of the ancient Egyptian gods went through during that period.

Lang returns in collaboration with Adrian Smith, the artist for Blood Rage and Rising Sun, and minis by Mike McVey. Naturally, for a Lang game, the figures in this game – literal gods – are huge and impossibly detailed.

Read more about the game in this deep dive interview with Eric Lang from Tabletop Gaming, or join the masses speculating when the Kickstarter will actually open up.


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