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Enhancement of the Veteran rewards
Greetings, tedmiami!

We've enhanced the Veteran reward system for 4.0's release. The previous maximum level was 40, now we've increased it to 50.

By activating a Gold Pack you gain one level and will receive valuable items for your loyalty. You can see an exact overview of the individual levels and the rewards they encompass in the AION Shop.

This is how you allocate your Veteran rewards:
1) Visit the AION Shop. It can be reached via the website...
2) ... or the game.
3) Click on "Manage bonuses" to allocate your Veteran rewards.
4) Find out about the individual levels and the rewards they encompass in the shop.

Your Veteran level is calculated by the number of previously activated Gold Packs and the months that your AION subscription was running before the free-to-play switch over. Depending on the level you achieved, we will send you various rewards like these:
Courageous Daeva
  5x Powerful Enhancement: level 2
  1x Administrator's Boon (7 days)
At level 41 we will give you a Powerful Enhancement, with which you can upgrade all your equipped items to level 2. If you fall in battle despite your strong armour, you will avoid the negative consequences of a revival thanks to the Administrator's Boon (7 days) and keep your hard earned experience points.
Indefatigable Daeva
  3x Rainbow Dye Pack
  4x Ceranium Medallion
We're bringing a splash of colour into the game! The Rainbow Dye Pack contains 8 dyes with which you can dye your equipment items to your heart's content. You will also receive four Ceranium Medallions - save them and exchange them for pieces of PvP armour at selected merchants'!
Divine Daeva
  1x 100% Manastone Socketing Aid (Mythical)
  10x Ceranium Medallion
  2x Arena Ticket Supply Box
At level 50 you can not only look forward to Ceranium Medallions, but also a valuable socketing aid, with which you can successfully socket a Manastone from the "mythical" class to a weapon or piece of armour. Afterwards you can enter the arena and face your foes, perfectly equipped for battle - the Arena Ticket Supply Box will open the doors for you.
You also want to be rewarded? Then visit the AION Shop now and level up by activating a Gold Pack.

AION Free-to-Play: play update 4.0 on the test server from the 16th to 19th of August

Quick level progression thanks to Growth Serums|New classes available: Engineer and Artist

Karlsruhe, 16.08.2013 – Fans of the successful fantasy MMO AION have the chance to try out the content of the forthcoming update 4.0 on a public test server (PTS) in all available language versions. The focus here lies on the high level areas and the content of the current expansion. Patch 4.0 includes the new Engineer and Artist classes as well as three additional areas and six challenging instances.

Onto level 60 in the blink of an eye with the aid of useful items

So that all players are well equipped and best prepared for the challenges of 4.0, helpful items are given out on the public test server via message windows. This includes AION Shop favourites such as Growth Serums with which players can ascend to level 60 in no time at all, as well as equipment pieces, weapons, medals and lots more. Players are free to choose if they want to use them. This makes it possible to play without these supporting items and to experience the content the way it will be available on the European live servers from the 28th of August.

Scientists with oomph: the engineer

With the introduction of the engineer, a melee class fascinated by technology and science is being implemented into the game. They make life difficult for their enemies by attacking from a distance with aether-enhanced firearms. To do so, engineers help themselves to quicker and more accurate aether revolvers or to powerful aether cannons. When they ascend to Daevas on level 10, they become ever more powerful Gunners. Gunners are capable of regenerating their health with impressive speed, so that they barely require breathers during combat. Most of their skills are carried out very swiftly, which allows them to perform effective attacks even whilst running.

Art comes from ability: the artist

The second new class in update 4.0 is the Artist. Artists are gentle spirits who trust in the hidden power of music during confrontations. Using the delicate sounds of various string instruments they are capable of attacking and cursing opponents, but also healing and strengthening allies. When artists reach level 10 and become Daevas, they develop into Bards. These legendary singers perfect the skills of the artist, which makes them an incredibly effective class during solo and group play.

An insight into the Bard’s skills can be found in the trailer:

AION Free-to-Play Update 4.0 – New Class Gunner – Teaser:

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