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AION Free-to-Play: version 3.5 released in Europe

Update brings new instances, PvP arenas, mounts and quests

Karlsruhe, 17.01.2013 - Publisher Gameforge has released patch 3.5 for fantasy MMORPG AION. Players can look forward to two new challenging instances and the final battle against mighty dragon ruler Tiamat, in which, with a bit of luck, the new weapon set from the "Myth" category, can be looted. PvP fans won't miss out either: they are being provided with two new arenas for exciting multiplayer fights.

Furthermore, the update integrates four new mounts, new housing designs and special missions, which Daevas can accept at their village's bulletin board to develop it further and unlock new NPCs. Legions can expect numerous new quests and a maximum level increase onto level 8. In addition they can receive special legion outfits as well as a unique mount.

And the world of Atreia just keeps on growing: coming update 4.0 will include new classes as well as extensive PvP and PvE content.

The whole of Atreia is preparing for this year's Solorius Festival. Santa Shugo and his elves are packing the last presents and loading them for delivery.
One of the gifts is too big for the sleigh, so it's being sent by special delivery on the 16th of January:update 3.5 is coming and with it, lots of new game elements. So get ready!

To sweeten the waiting time, we have a very special event: all first-time payers can look forward to receiving 30% more AION Coins when topping up premium currency.
30% more AION Coins for first-time payers
You want to buy some advent tickets or treat yourself to a couple of new items? Then now would be the perfect time for a visit to the AION Shop: if you top up your account with premium currency for the first timefrom the 20th of December 2012 to the 2nd of January 2013, you will receive 30% more AION Coins! Then nothing will stand in the way of your first shopping spree.

But please note: This offer is only for new customers!
Update 3.5 is coming in January!
Atreia is getting even bigger - but also more dangerous! Enter the final battle against Tiamat from the 16th of January, face exciting adventures with your legion or face your opponents in the new arenas.
The following awaits you:
Two new instances: storm "Tiamat's Fortress" and fight your way through to "Tiamat's Hideout". There you will face the Balaur ruler and her followers in the final battle. Do you have enough courage? With a bit of luck you will be rewarded for your victory with a set from the "Myth" category.
Two challenging arenas: in the new PVP mode 2v2v2, teams of two players each will fight for victory in "Arena of Cooperation". However, it's each to his own in the "Arena of Glory", in which four players face each other. To leave the battlefield victoriously, both arenas require skill and tactics. As a reward you can receive Insignias, which you can swap for valuable items.
Mounts and new housing features: those who don't like walking or spreading out their own wings, have the choice between four new mounts. Housing has also developed. There are eccentric designs for your home and additional space for furniture items in the "House", "Mansion", "Estate" and "Palace" house classes. You can also accept missions for the good of your village at the bulletin board. If you successfully complete these, more merchants will open a business at the market place and offer rare goods.
Increase of the legion level: your legion is looking for new challenges? In 3.5 exciting quests await you, also the highest level of the legions has been increased to 8. You can leave a special impression with the exclusive group outfits or on the back of the legion Pagatis. Hop on now and charge into battle!
You can find out more information about the update on

AION Free-to-Play: Gameforge to publish Update 3.5 in Europe on 16.01.2013

Patch 3.5 brings new arenas, instances, mounts and lots more

Play at

Karlsruhe, 19.12.2012 – the next big update for successful MMO Aion is just around the corner: patch 3.5 integrates new arenas, instances and mounts into the game and brings the plot surrounding Dragon Lady Tiamat, launched in Aion 3.0, to a close.

In the dragon’s cave

The two new instances “Tiamat’s Fortress” and “Tiamata’s Hideout” offer experienced players the ultimate challenge. In Tiamat’s Fortress, Daevas face the most dangerous of all Balaur generals. The big showdown takes place in Tiamat’s Hideout: here players come face to face with the feared Dragon Lady. Only the mightiest Daevas can emerge victorious from this epic battle and gain unique weapon sets. With a bit of luck, they might even get a set from the new “myth” category.

Unlimited PvP playing fun

For fans of PvP there are now two arenas especially for multiplayer battles: in the “Arena of Cooperation”, three teams of two players each face one another. This 2v2v2 system requires great skill and gives players numerous tactical possibilities.  The “Arena of Glory” is a PvP arena, in which four players fight for survival. In the arena battles, successful Daevas receive insignias which they can swap for valuable items.

New mounts, enhanced housing system and a highest level increase for legions

With four new mounts, every player can choose their perfect companion for travelling through Atreia. The mounts can be purchased, crafted or won by completing quests. Daevas who wish to recover from their dangerous adventures in their very own home can look forward to new designs for their house, as well as space for additional furniture items in the “house”, “mansion”, “estate” and “palace” house classes. Players can also accept missions for the good of their village at the bulletin board. If they successfully complete these, more merchants will open a business at the market place and offer rare goods. Countless new quests await legions and the highest level is being increased to 8. Special outfits as well as a unique mount are now also available to them.

  Check out your AION game. If you paid to play before it went Free to Play you can get lots of excellent bonuses.

AION free-to-play adds exciting new instances in update 3.0

Six additional instances offer groups and individual players challenging battles as well as epic rewards

Karlsruhe, 25.05.2012 – With the upcoming AION update 3.0, NCsoft® and Gameforge have brand new challenges in store for players level 55 and upwards. Numerous opponents lie in wait for brave heroes in exciting instances, which can be entered via the new territories of Tiamaranta and Sarpan.

Join forces to fight the hoards of monsters

The Tahmes instance can be entered by factions from level 56 and offers five diverse zones. A boss monster lurks at the end of each of these zones. The aim here is to prevent the resurrection of dragon Raksha, who was once exiled from Tiamat. As a reward for successfully completing the quest, you will receive unique equipment items and/or epic accessories.

The Rentus Base is aimed at players from level 58 and has a total of nine boss opponents. Players have the opportunity to interact with siege weapons and can use them not only to fight monsters, but also to influence the gaming environment.  The fortress of the Reians lies between Tiamaranta and Sarpan and belongs to the Balaur. Players can enhance their equipment with useful, class-specific items.

From level 57, players will be able to enter Muada’s Hideout. In this location, the giant mutated sand bug Muada stands in the players’ way. The instance can be entered by both factions and on top of unique shields, headwear and necklaces it offers the chance to gain powerful loot: epic jewellery, for example. Muada’s Hideout is the largest instance in the upcoming update and can be mastered in an alliance of up to 24 players.

At level 57 you can also enter the Elementis Forest/Argent Manor instance.  It is divided into two larger sections and is home to countless spirits. They have become a real hindrance in the search for the missing Reian Sorcerer Davlin. Unique weapons and armour can be looted in both sections, but if you’re lucky you might even find a pair of epic wings in Argent Manor.

The already familiar instance of Dredgion, the airship of the Balaur troops, can be entered from level 56 and has been improved so that it now harbours even stronger monsters.  After they have been defeated, these monsters may leave PvP headwear, a box with AP items or Platinum Medals in their wake. Atreia’s heroes can enter this instance at predetermined times to complete repeatable quests and thus stock up their supply of Mithril Medals and epic consumable items.  


Solo Instance: Aturam Sky Fortress

AION also offers solo players a special challenge. The Aturam Sky Fortress gives heroes the opportunity to prove themselves as individual players and to quickly gain experience. From level 55, they face a bitter fight against the Balaur air troops. Some heroic pieces of armour, unique belts, earrings and weapons are exclusive to this area. 



In February 2012, AION switched from  being a subscription based system to a free-to-play model. This switch means that from the start: there are no monthly charges or costs for registration and the game client. The whole world of Atreia and all its regions is now open for your exploration: all the quests, all playable classes, all specialisations and all instances are available.  For new players there are only a few limitations, that concern trading and chat amongst others. You can always upgrade your account and enjoy AION in its full extent. With a Gold Pack you unlock full functionality – look forward to bonuses such as higher payouts or shorter cooldowns for instances.

All existing players have received an extra special status: those that have already paid for an AION subscription – whether it was still active or not – were raised to the honour of Veteran status and now enjoy privileges similar to those of the Gold Pack.  Setting up an account/registering is easy and quick. Once in you have the choice of creating a character for either the Asmodians (a tough and forthright race to the North of Atreia) or the Elyos (from lower Atreia, described as weak and puny). You can create 8 characters but once you have made your choice and confirmed it you cannot create a character from the other side. I chose Asmodian and was then offered, Warrior, Scout, Mage or Priest (Male or Female available).

Warriors become Gladiators or Templars (Tanks or DPS)

Scouts: Grow to be Rangers or Assassins (Rogues)

Mages: Sorcerers with direct magic or Spiritmasters with elementals

Priests become Clerics (healers) or Chanters (Buffers)

36 choices of face from child-like Padme to Anime type with many possibilities of contours, decorations, scars, tattoos, freckles, plus  60 hair styles in 10 colours, and so much more for the creation )10s, eye colour, lip colour, skin colour) better than most (all ?) pay to play MMOs.

If you haven’t played a fantasy mmo then this is a really good place to start. You will not have preconceived ideas, whereas in  games like the world famous World of Warcraft, the Tolkien based Lord of the Rings online or the Dungeons & Dragons online you may already have an idea of what to expect. AION is fresh and appealing, exciting and visually stimulating.  Characters (or avatars as they are also known) move faster on foot than in any other mmo I have played. This is great, despite the fact that it looks a little funny, because you are not wasting a lot of time getting from A to B and you are therefore quicker into the action.  Many of the commands, such as Num Loc for continuous running and arrow keys (move) numbers (using the control bars) are the same as other mmo’s but I do miss the Quest info when you hover the cursor over a creature, still you can’t have everything.

Overall this is a fine, fun high-fantasy game of humanoid beings against either each other or the environment in a bid to survive and become the best that you can. You can play solo or in groups and still enjoy all there is on offer.


AION Free-to-Play: Gameforge releases information about the 3.0 Update 
First information about new areas and mounts


Karlsruhe, 10.05.2012 – The AION development team is currently working on AION free-to-play’s most extensive update so far.

Amongst countless new features, there will be two new areas and a mount system, which will allow players to explore the world of Atreia even more quickly and comfortably.


New areas for players from level 55

The update extends the world of AION by two new areas. The areas, called Sarpan and Tiamaranta, are aimed at advanced players of level 55 and above. With the introduction of these new regions and the associated challenges, the level limit will be increased to 60.

In a total of six new instances, players in Sarpan as well as in Tiamaranta can face new enemies and bosses, each of which drop high-level items, legendary armour and weapons.

Sarpan is activated via an individual campaign quest. It includes neutral territories as well as free PvP areas. Humans, Daevas and members of Siel’s Spear found a new home in Sarpan after the Cataclysm.

Sarpan’s capital city, Kamar City, is surrounded by enemy territories. Adventurous players will certainly get more than they bargained for, as Sarpan is filled with strong opponents who drop lucrative rewards.

Tiamaranta can be reached through Kamar City.  It is aimed at PvP enthusiasts between the levels of 58 and 60 and offers fortresses that can be seized by both factions.

Dragon Lord Tiamat’s strongest and most important fortress is Tiamaranta’s Eye, which is activated for the corresponding faction as soon as a minimum of two of the fortresses in this zone have been conquered.

Get around more quickly with mounts

The upcoming update will also make travelling easier: tame mounts speed up the players’ movements on the ground and in the air. They also have an additional short speed increase thanks to the new sprint function.

Mounts with differing skills and corresponding level requirements can be bought from NPC merchants. Players will also be able to produce their own mounts via crafting.

To get the new trailer visit or watch it right here:

AION Free to Play: over 750,000 new players after only four weeks!
Since the release of the Free-to-Play version, AION has become one of the most successful titles in Gameforge’s portfolio

Karlsruhe, 3rd of April 2012 – only four weeks after the successful MMORPG AION switched to a Free-to-Play model, Gameforge is announcing the first batch of figures. Since that time, more than 750,000 accounts have been created on the Gameforge servers. Currently, around 20,000 new accounts are adding to this figure every day. The Karlsruhe-based company is also able to show a growth in the number of active daily users: since the release of the Free-to-Play version these numbers have increased fivefold already. With only four weeks of running time, AION has seamlessly added itself to the Gameforge portfolio, alongside other internationally successful titles such as Metin 2 and Ikariam.

“With the successful launch of the AAA title AION, Gameforge has heralded the start of a new era for its free-to-play sector. Further AAA titles will follow in the coming months”, said Alexander Rösner, CEO of Gameforge.

Currently the team is working flat out on the coming 3.0 content update, which, alongside the level cap increase, brings with it much more than further regions and instances: the hotly anticipated housing system and additional mounts are also part of the update.

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