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Prepare to experience the 'Driver's Journey' in Auto Club Revolution's fresh take on its gameplay. Giving racers a more engaging and competitive way to play, players will progress through levels, unlocking cars as they go.

The more players race, the more EXP and Credits they earn. The more they earn the more cars and upgrades they’ll have to fill their garage.

The new progression system brings with it more access to cars. Almost 90% of cars in the game are now available for purchase with Credits, with a small selection reserved as Premium cars available for E-Bucks. Premium cars will help a player earn more EXP and Credits per race, helping them unlock better performing cars sooner.

With the new progression, racers can look forward to unlocking some new additions to the garage, including the Pagani Huayra, the 2005 BMW M5 and for the first time in the online racing game a Hyundai – the 2012 Hyundai Genesis Coupe 380 GT. Check out our Facebook page where all the new cars will be revealed.

"Auto Club Revolution has always been an evolving project. We saw changes in the F2P market that would help grow the game; the changes bring ACR to a more approachable Free-2-Win model. We are excited to bring the new elements to ACR, it brings a more in-depth and personal approach to the player’s experience. We want to challenge our players to unlock and purchase all the cars and progress through the game. The model we worked with previously did not allow this. We also didn’t want to take anything away from our dedicated fans, so ranks, cars purchased etc will be crossed over to the new system," Christoph Vietzke, Executive Producer on ACR.

Supporting the new gameplay will be the introduction of the new damage model to AI and multiplayer modes. Impact with other players and the track environments will now have an effect on the performance of cars, and damage taken during a race will need to be repaired back in the garage before they can race with that car again.

The upgrades have also been reworked allowing players to customise their car set-ups, mixing different upgrades to suit the track and style of racing.

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