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First off I want to say thank you for your support over the years. It's been a long road but a good one. 
We do have our indie game God Smite still going strong in the Google Play store. We are reaching close to the 500 mark. We plan to release updates for the game once we reach over 1000 downloads. 
Our Steampunk Dice roller mobile app continues to get high marks. Check it out and support it. It is a free dice roller on Google Play as well. Again, once we reach over 1000 downloads we plan to release an update. We hold many skins and ideas for future apps to include supporting card games. We want to make our app useful for any card game and allow to fill in stats for any character sheet or notes you want to take.
Our book Humans of Naalrinnon is partially done. It is a sourcebook for all humans in the New Gods of Mankind world. Tons of artwork will be included as well. I might release it using Patreon or do a kickstarter for it later. But for now it remains on hold till we get some more interest in it.
Primary goals for DSS/ Richard Leon included:
1. Writing a novel series based on the New Gods of Mankind world. I will start writing it for a new publishing company. This will be a HUGE epic series and it will expand upon the lore of the world. Look for nine total parts. I will be done with the first three parts by October.
2. Getting a group started for a New Gods of Mankind community. We started a facebook community if you want to look us up there. I do Twitter a lot @darkskullstudio but we want to have more interaction in a community setting. I know many people have purchased the series over the years. I want to unite them and form a place where people can express ideas. Not a forum. Our last forum was overtaken by hostile hackers. 
In the future I will be writing a Modern horror series called Dark Nights in Houston which will feature inspirational works from H.P. Lovecraft and a Sci-Fi Dystopian novel series called Galactic Ruin.
The publisher will be announced soon as the new company is forming now.
Other projects in the future include expanding the free dice roller, creating another RPG based off The Lively Bones, adding more content to God Smite and working on New Gods of Raanon once again.
Eeekk, I have a ton of stuff on my plate.
Richard Leon "The Creative Perseverance"

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