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The WORLD of WARCRAFT is THE Major online fantasy game for solo or group play.

You can make new friends and join them in epic battles or you can make new enemies and kill them in epic battles, all without leaving the comfort of your computer chair.

With exhilerating sounds and wondrous graphics and animations the World of Warcraft contin ues to be as fascinating now as it was when it first began, so many years ago.

Even now, with many different expansions and changes to the orld itself, WOW never ceases to amaze me and fill me with wonder at the superb lands and creatures that have been created. Once you reach a high level you can afford to go back to the areas where you struggled to kill the quested creatures and instead of fighting for survival you can explore the places that you never had the time or chance to see before. The lands are filled with wonder - waterfalls, high peaks covered in snow, eerie gloomy forests full of dead trees and ash riddled paths and islands full of adventure - all things I missed and probably so did you when the quest was the only thing that mattered.

New things have been added to the game, such as finding the special packs hidden at the end of tightropes and other places where you cannot fly to, make the game more and more interesting with every update and expansion. Anyone taking the time to explore now will find a myriad new things to do, and the beauty of it is so much will be virgin territory to them. There's not always a need to rush to be the first into a dungeon or to cut the head off a dragon, it's just as exciting to discover new places for yourself - you never know what you may find, for even in areas where everything has a lower level than you there is a chance in a million that you will find something of excellence. 





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