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HOLIDAY FLUXX is one of the games we shall be playing a lot of over the Festive Season.

Like all FLUXX games amongst the 100 cards that make up this special deck there are cards for New Rules, Actions, Goals and Keepers, in addition there four Surprise cards but no Creepers. The Mrs Claus Keeper card, which also counts as Santa, (and makes this deck 101 cards) is a shiny, but sticky (due to the way it is attached), special card that comes on a Looney festive postcard.

Many of the Action and New Rule cards are the same as found in most (if not all) of the FLUXX games but there are some of these plus most of the Keepers and Goals (naturally) that are themed specifically for the Holiday Season. These cards cover several Holidays, not just Christmas, with Halloween, Kwanzaa and Thanksgiving also accounted for. Tree ornaments, Lights, Candy, Bubbly Beverages,  Roasts, Desserts, Wreaths and Pine (Xmas) Trees joining in the Festive Fun.

Also just in time to be bought as a gift for Christmas is a newly revised version of the traditional FLUXX game. However, note the word "revised" as there are some cards in amongst the Basic 100 that are new to the deck; new and different but not game changing.
There are also some cards that are the same as in the original game but they have been renamed, such as Hippyism  which is the new name for the Peace & Love GOAL. There are other cards that I don't remember from the original -and here I will say two things; one I don't have the original game in front of me atm, and the second is my memory is pretty poor atm. Of these different cards the ones that immediately pop out on first glance are the Keepers; Sleep,The Party, Dreams, Music and Money, and the Goals; Dreamland, Lullaby, Winning the Lottery and Squishy Chocolate.

As is now the way, the cards are all colourfully illustrated and the game is as easy as it always is - yes, the Basic Rule card is in the box complete with its blank back that easily distinguishes it from all the other Fluxx cards. Deal 3 cards to each player and then in turn players Draw 1 card and Play 1 card. That's it, the rules are really that easy. Simply Draw a card and Play a card, right up until the moment the rules change - which is generally after the first few cards have been played, if not before. FLUXX means constantly changing, and the rules ensure that the game is a in a constant state of fluxx - ever changing but always fun.

The game starts at the beginning (always a good place to start) with the first player (randomly chosen, hopefully by some idiotic or chaotic manner) drawing a card, adding it to their hand and then playing a card. However, if the card they play is a New Rule that, for example, says Play All, then their Turn isn't over and they have to play ALL of their cards. However (again) they can play the cards from their hand in the order they wish, so if they then play another New Rule this time DRAW 4 then they have to draw four cards and continue to play them (remember Play All is in play). As you will have gathered by now, the first player (or any player's) turn could go on for a long time. It is even possible for the first player to win the game without any other player having a turn. Playing a New Rule card doesn't negate any previous New Rule cards unless they are of the same type. For example Play 4 could be replaced by Play 2 but not by Draw 2. If those were the cards played, Play 4 would be changed to Play 2 (and the player whose turn it is may then have to stop playing if they had already played 2 (or more) cards) and if the turn had begun with the player having Drawn 1 card then they get to draw the second.

FLUXX is all about following the rules, mainly the New Rules, and keeping track of whether they are all legal. It is mad and frantic, frenetic and fantastic but as I continually repeat, it is FUN!

Games can take 30 seconds or 30 minutes. They rarely last longer although it is possible. It is also possible that players can extend the game by the cards they play just for the fun of it, but they cannot prevent the game ending in a Win if the situation occurs, at any time during play, where one player has the necessary Keepers in front of them to match those required for the Goal - the game always ends immediately in that situation; it is the responsibilty of all players to announce the game end as soon as they notice it. This isn't one of those games where you keep quiet and hope the player with the winning cards doesn't notice (at least for us it isn't that type of game, this is how we perceive and play it). The game is supposed to be enjoyable and chaotic but it is also honourable in its own way.

LOONEYLABS make lots of differently themed versions of FLUXX (though the game play remains the same. There are some different cards, Surprises and Creepers for example, that appear in other versions, always created around the theme of the Deck) and they also make lots of different games that aren't Fluxx. If you enjoy fun, family games that are thought-invoking without delving into the depths of Chess, Go and the many other ancient eastern boardgames of war.

For your peace of mind don't forget to sign up for a LOONEYLABS Holiday Gift HERE  and also don't forget to check out the latest games and Fluxx themes.

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