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World of Warcraft - Prices changes

As you may know, a change is soon coming to World of Warcraft® subscription pricing for players who use pounds
sterling. This change will take place at the release of 
Warlords of Draenor™ on November 13, 2014.

The new price for recurring subscriptions will be
 £9.99 for one month£28.17 for three months (£9.39 per month),
£52.14 for six months (£8.69 per month). The suggested retail price of the 60-day prepaid time card will be £20.99.

As a thank you to World of Warcraft subscribers, players with recurring subscriptions at the time of the price change
guaranteed to keep their current price for two years, as long as they remain in the same recurring subscription
without interruption. This applies to anyone who already has, or signs up for, a recurring subscription before the change
takes place.

You can review your World of Warcraft subscription and payment method on the Account Management pages,
which will show the new prices from 
November 13. If you need to change your payment details after this date but would
like to keep the current subscription price, please contact our 
Customer Support.




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