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SPACE RUN GALAXY is (apparently) a sequel to SPACE RUN but having never seen, heard of, or played SPACE RUN I will have to take the word of GOOGLE for that information.

SPACE RUN GALAXY is currently in the final testing phase and should be up, running and available in the very near future. It is for solo or multi-player play and is a tough action game about running resource materials from planet to planet.

Your ship always travels in a straight line and moving it up or down only moves the whole screen and doesn't dodge incoming missiles or asteroids etc. This took me a bit of getting use to as it's a little like Galaxy Defender from the old days except that then you could dodge up and down and you also had to control your firing. In SPACE RUN GALAXY unless you want to fire a specialised weapon such as a cluster of missiles the weapons are all on auto and fire as soon as targets get in range and arc of fire. 

The game has one peculiar aspect as far as I can say. This is that at the Space Port you take on a mission to deliver X number of resources for a specified fee, pretty usual fare that. But then you take off towards the selected planet and only then, while you are flying, do you begin to add the weapon modules and additional thrusters. As you add the weapon pods you can spin the mouse wheel to see the firing arc prior to assembling the pods onto the ship. As you get fair warning as to what is coming your way and how many of them you do have the chance to set up fairly adequate protection. If you can it is best to load both sides of your ship with weapons as they will be formidable against many opponents and as you blast pirate ships or asteroids you mine the ore or resources they throw out into space. You can collect this by running your mouse cursor - in this case a fairly large circle - over the pieces or you can just wait for them to auto arrive on your ship. Of course the quicker you collect them the quicker you can recycle them into weapons, thrusters and defensive shields.

The game is about your ability to recognise danger and raise to it, reacting in a positive and proper way. Generally once a pod has been fixed it can neither be removed and replaced or even adjusted - there are exceptions but they don't come into play for you until you have done a few missions and saved a few shekels.

When you have a large ship attacking you or a larger asteroid in front of your cannons you can click on the weapon pod and then select the manual fire button. This produces a thick, wide laser sighting beam which you can aim at the offending article, then one press of the fire button and you get a compressed single shot at your target - which almost always hits as long as you have aimed right. This may not blow a larger ship up but it does cause it lots of damage and also gives it thought whether to continue attacking or to fly away. Of course if you hit it a large chunk of resources come you way.

As you go through the game so the upgrades get better and the enemies get tougher and smarter. The game is still in its fledgling, almost ready to be released, mode but I never encountered any problems other than getting the sh** shot out of my new ship on its maiden flight.

This is a lot of fun, though I do wish you had some control over the course of your ship. Once it reaches the gravitational area of the target planet it shoots off on a pre-recorded sequence so that you don't have to land or dock it. Exceptionally good game that just keeps getting better and then more time consuming - I don't know how many times I can get away with teling my wife "I'll be there in a minute" and then continuing on the Space Run, but until she grounds me I'll be hotdogging it across the galactic skies and upgrading, enlarging (you can buy extra holds to bolt onto your ship) and combatting piracy as I go.






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