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RANDAL'S MONDAY - A Games Gazette Preview


                                          A Daedalus Entertainment & Nexus production.

The game begins with geeks Randal Hicks, his best buddy Matt Griffin and Matt's fiancé Sally
having a beer or seven in a local bar. A lot of the conversation revolves around Randal's roommate
Mortimer, who no-one has seen for a long while, not even for a trip to the bathroom.

The scene shifts to outside where Matt, famous for his skills in vomiting, is out in the alley behind
the bar throwing up at regular intervals. During one of these bouts his wallet falls to the floor and
Randal picks it up, and as all best buddies do, he puts it in his own back pocket.


The next day arrives and Randal has to make his way to work. You are now in control of him, so
as it is a point-and-click game you begin to collect everything you can, no matter how oddball it
seems at the time. Let's face it, why would you take a Broom with you on your way to work ?
This becomes clear when you climb out the window onto the fire escape - leaving via the front
door is not an option due to you owing several months rent and the landlord is outside waiting.

A cat is sitting on the Fire Escape preventing you from releasing it to the ground - now you know
why you are carrying a Broom. That is the type of challenge you are going to face over and over
again as Randal begins the worst day of his life...ever! Then he begins the worst day of his life
again, and again and again - GroundHog Day style.


Throughout the game there are several references that pay homage to other video games, such
as the street and Station name "Threepwood St. Station" and the Railway Clerk's name "Betty".
She is a bit of a battle-axe, refusing to sell randal a ticket and instead continues to complete the
newspaper's Crossword Puzzle. After attempting addition conversation Randal states that trying
to chat with her again could get "Ugly".

The game has similar game-play of many point-and-click games where you collect nondescript
objects and items and manipulate them in your inventory to solve the sometimes amusing, sometimes
very amusing, challenges and puzzles. Many of these puzzles are logical, others are ridiculously silly,
and totally contrived. All of them go together to make this a game you should look forward to playing.

This is a preview of the game and at present it has a few minor faults. One is that the game is
played in a window with no possibility of expanding it. The front screen text doesn't fit into this
screen and the beginnings and endings of some words disappear off into the ether ......... Another
hiccup, in my opinion (although it may be on purpose in this case) is that you can get into situations
that you cannot go back yet there is something in the previous screen that you missed (didn't collect)
that you need to proceed.  Obviously these minor infractions will not appear when the game is
released which is why preview versions are made available to reviewers (or in this case pre-viewers).

From what I have played and seen and heard so far, this is going to be a blockbuster of an adult
game. It is funny, witty, includes adult language, has similarities to some of the best anmated movies
and TV shows, and is brilliantly voiced by Jeff Anderson of the "Clerks" (Kevin Smith) series.






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