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Mmm! Is Game of the Year: ! The Cooperative Children's Mmm of Pegasus Games Wins Austrian award "Game of the Year 2015"  
Crazy Coconuts with "hit game for children 2015" Award    PEGASUS SPIELE INFO

Friedberg, 30.06.2015: Since 15 years assigns the Vienna Games Academy's grand prize "Game of the Year" award and the "Games Hit". With Mmm! AndCrazy Coconuts were the 06.29.2015, two games of Pegasus Games Award on Monday. For the first time ever, Pegasus Games was able to secure the grand prize: The "Game of the Year" was Mmm, that's the Vienna Games Academy "a great cooperative game with quickly declared rules and high replay value" to view!. With Crazy Coconuts is the "hit game for children" to an action-arcade game for the whole family.

! In the new cooperative breeze Mmm of Pegasus Games players a mouse family help to collect goodies -. Right in front of the house cat Mmm is the first own family and children's game of Pegasus Games, the former with this game as well as the acquisition Selecta! -Kindertitel are only entered this year in the new children's game market.

In Mmm! All players play together against the cat. In turn are diced food cubes that show what can be removed. The players then decide how the dice are used. Here one must carefully be considered - is too much or too little carried away, the cat puts forward a field. A wise choice can thus decide between victory and defeat. Because in the end can only win or lose all together. The cheeky graphics combined with the witty theme gives a cooperative game by Reiner Knizia for the whole family. Two to four players, ages 5 to show in 15-20 minutes, how quick they are in the larder empty or if the cat but is faster. The trick with two game plans and different degrees of difficulty, the game offers voltage for all ages.

In addition, the skill game Crazy Coconuts convinced the Viennese Games Academy, who play the title "top game for kids" awarded. In the crazy action game from Walter Schneider funny monkeys catapults ensure turbulent game. With the monkey catapults try two to four players to hurl coconuts in mini cups to build from these a cup pyramid. Who was the first complete pyramid standing before him, wins the game. But of course can abluchsen the cup again and a the skilful players.

Another excellent game of Friedberger publisher's Alakazam ... Bumm?, Which was recommended by the jury Game of 2015. In the board game of Gun-Hee Kim are two to five players sorcerer and try to hex her teammates and heal itself. She does not know what they themselves have for spells - they only see what the other players have before him and what spells have been cast. With the right spells and some of deduction of a true magician will soon.

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