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Spring into Fun at R&R Games!

Our new 2015 games have arrived!
We're so excited to share our newest games for you to play with your kids, family and friends. 
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Slideways gameSlideways™

Slide over tic-tac-toe, there's a new game in town! Slideways™ is a fast-paced puzzle game of logic and skill that raises the bar on fun as players try to outwit their opponents. Move your bar on the board or flip colors to get four in a row. Great travel game! Ages 8+

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Cup-A-Cup gameCup-A-Cup™It's all cup for grabs! Race to catch the cups in this game of quick thinking and fast hands! Roll the dice, quickly identify the missing colored shape...then swipe the matching cup off the table. First to collect three cups wins! Ages 6+


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