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There is a new crowdfunding project on The Warriors of Well-ish

The Warriors of Well-ish in the Spieleschmiede

 The first game of the Little‘N‘Nice series is now available for funding

The Spieleschmiede is going to launch the project The Warriors of Well-ish by publisher Spieltrieb today.

Apart from Nord, there is now a second project running at the Spieleschmiede from today: The Warriors of Well-ish. This entertaining deduction game comes with ten cards as gaming material. Authors are Till Meyer and Nicole Stiehl of the publishing house Spieltrieb.

The Warriors of Well-ish you are supposed to guess the secret identity of a warrior on a face-down card. To achieve this, all players hold two to three hand cards depicting warriors. By asking "Yes" and "No" questions players may deduct which cards the other players are currently holding, and that way draw their own conclusions about the face-down card in the middle of the table. The game also contains an element of bluffing, which hampers the decision-making process of all players.

The Warriors of Well-ish is the first project in a series of games under the title Little‘N‘Nice. The specialty here is that smithies can determine the funding amount for themselves. Starting with one Euro, a funder will receive a print&play version for self-assembly when the game funding is successfully completed. Starting from three Euros, a fully produced version of the ten cards becomes available. The game requires a funding amount of at least 1 000 Euros.

Link to the project:

Please check also the crowdfunding project Nord:


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