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BLIZZARD: World of Warcraft MMO

The Recruit-A-Friend program has leveled up again!
When you bring your friends to WOW you can choose between 8 EPIC mount and pet rewards, including the all-new Emerald Hippogryph
mount and classic RAF mounts like the Zhevra and X-53 Touring Rocket

Invite In-Game
To get started, log in to WoW, (1) open your friends list, (2) click the Recruit-A-Friend button and (3) enter your friend's e-mail address

You Get: 
An EPIC mount or pet - when your recruit pays for their second full month of game time.
30 days of FREE game time - when your recruit upgrades to a full version of World of Warcraft and pays for their first month of game time.

Your Friend Gets:  
• World of Warcraft: Starter Edition, enabling them to play FREE up to level 20


You and Your Friend Get:
• Friend-to-friend summoning, making it easy to travel and adventure together.
• Triple experience when grouped together and grantable levels so you can easily    maintain a character to level up with your friend.

For more details on the Recruit-A-Friend program, be sure to check out the full FAQ. Otherwise, log in to WoW and start recruiting now!














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