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Those lovely people at LooneyLabs have just produced a super $3.00 pack of 8 cards created and designed especially for some extra Festive Fun playing LooneyLab games this Christmas.


The Fruitcake Fun Pack Front card is unfortunately just that, it has no game value, but the 8 usable cards do add that extra piece of Festive cheer to 4 of LooneyLabs games.
First up there is the Fruitcake itself. A lovely hunk of madeira loaf dotted with red cherries and green angelica. This card is a CREEPER for FLUXX that should be immediately Placed and a new card drawn when it comes into play.
A sweet moist Madeira is such a fine delicacy that while you are enjoying its beauty sitting in front of you, you cannot win the game.

So moving away from FLUXX and heading off over to CHOOSE ONE, we leave the Fruitcake behind, or do we ? No chance, for this is the Festive season and you now have to choose Egg Nog or Fruitcake ? A plain card with a devious choice, wet or dry ?


Sticking with the cake theme there is a new entrant into the deck for CHRONONAUTS - the amazing artifact - recovered in 1799 from the back of the oven at Mount Vernon. Forget the soft, moist Madeira fruitcake, Martha Washington has baked up a real special fruitcake with the emphasis on fruit with a good heap of chopped nuts thrown into the mix for good measure. So lucky that no-one had switched on the oven in the past 200+ years.

Finally there are five cards each with a well known illustration from the LOONACY at one end and at the other end a large circular donut shaped fruitcake covered in chocolate and choc-full of colourful sweetness.

Each of these cards  is colourful and fun and will certainly enhance your enjoyment of the super games to which they can now become permanent fixtures. Of course if you haven't got the games to which they are a part of then it's about time you did have. LooneyLabs Games are family friendly gamer style strategy games that use colour and comedy to distract from the actual brilliance of their mechanic and design.

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