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First we are proud to announce an brand new card game for 2-4 players called Halfling Feast! Each player competes to consume an exotic array of fantasy dishes - the Halfling who consumed the most without being waylaid by their opponents is declared the winner!

Next is another card game for 2-4 players called King of Thieves! 
King of Thieves is a non-collectible bluffing card game of tomb robbing in which competing thieves gamble their reputation to steal treasure from heavily guarded tombs!

Evading Traps & Creatures that protect treasure laden tombs is just the first hurdle in securing your title! You must also vanquish your fellow thieves by defeating them at a series of duels. With the use of swords, shields, keys or the magic of the lamp you must defeat all to become King of Thieves!

With our new card games we will of course have a well stocked booth with all your favourite RPG products that TAG is famous for! Alongside these elustrious titles we are releasing a brand new accesory for all you Hellfrost fans - Battle Discs!

These fabulous table top counters feature full color artwork and a status ring to show when a creature or monster has been wounded, shaken or even incapacitated! The movable red ring can be adjusted to show all these states on every disc! The initial release has four different packs including, Hellfrost Heroes #1, Orc Pack #1, Goblin Pack #1 and Undead Pack #1. Each of these packs contain ten 20mm (1 inch) Battle Discs and a few fatigue counters as well. Larger discs and new monsters are in the pipeline!



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