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World Matchday on May 28, 2019:

Schmidt Spiele ® calls for more "time to play" all year round and organizes a game tour through Germany

Berlin, April 2019: The World Games Day, which takes place on May 28 this year, reminds us every year of how important child development is for children. The motto this year is: "Time to play!" In addition to the other leisure activities, children should be allowed enough time to discover and develop their skills while playing. A goal that is also supported by the Berlin publisher Schmidt Spiele® and goes even further here: "For us, playing does not end in children and adolescents. Playing together also has positive effects on adults - families grow together, friends get to know each other in a protected playful space from new sides, all combined with lots of fun and emotions, "says Axel Kaldenhoven, Managing Director of Schmidt Spiele GmbH. "To promote this and give time to play,

The stations at a glance

From the Königstein Fortress in Saxony to the children's party in Berlin at the Charlottenburg Palace on 25 and 26 May, the Allgäu Alps to the North Sea is the tour of Schmidt Spiele ® , where everything revolves around playing together. Game developers are always ready to explain the rules of new board and card games to anyone interested, so that the actual game fun can start quickly. But classics like humans do not annoy you ® or Ligretto, which celebrates its 30th anniversary this year, should not be missed here. The stations at a glance can be found here: http: //

Background: The meaning of games

Whether outdoors, at home or with friends: For children, there is little better promotion than playing. Children develop self-confidence and empathy, learn to take responsibility for themselves and others, and thus promote their own creativity - qualities that are also promoted and demanded as adults. The fact that society considers playing at any age as important is also reflected in the consistently high demand for games. In addition to new, digital variants, it is mainly card and board games for children and adults that are particularly popular. "Playing is not just a trend that will pass in a few years. Instead, it is crucial when it comes to the personality development of a child. Children develop their skills in the game and learn to themselves, to understand their environment, situations and experiences and to classify them correctly - and have done so for centuries. And adults also develop important skills in the game such as teamwork, strategy planning and allow their emotions to run wild, "said Axel Kaldenhoven, Managing Director Schmidt Spiele®.  

About Schmidt Games ®

The publisher Schmidt Spiele ® is one of the best-known German game manufacturers. It includes the brands Schmidt Spiele ® for puzzles, plush, children, family and adult games, three magicians ® , which stands for demanding children's games, as well as Selecta ® in the field of wooden toys. The foundation stone for the Schmidt Spiele ® brandand the traditional company was laid in 1907 by Joseph Friedrich Schmidt with the invention of the board game Mensch ärgere Dich dich ® . Other classics are Kniffel ® and Ligretto ®.

In addition, the portfolio includes numerous award-winning children, family and connoisseur games . In 1997, Schmidt Spiele ® was acquired by Good Time Holding GmbH with headquarters in Berlin.

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