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The VENOM SABRE Headphones set can be found on Amazon £28.93, eBay £28.95, Currys/PC World £29.99 and other outlets and stores, all under £30.00.


Pic 1: Index finger pointing out microphone head.  Pic 2: Microphone extended 

The microphone retreats neatly so that it isn't accidentally caught and damaged while not in use. Every time I use it I am very careful when either extending or retreating it. It probably isn't as weak as it seems but I don't want to be blasé about using it and then find I no longer have a mic to use.


The lead from the phones to the mini-jack is a single non-flexible chord. This passes through a controller on its way to the mini-jack.
This controller has a stiff plastic clip to fit onto a shirt or jacket etc to prevent the phones being accidentally pulled. It is not a flexible or soft clip and will break/snap if treated roughly.

The single mimi-jack is slotted into a female socket from which two black, very flexible, leads emerge, leading down to a Green mini-jack and a Pink mini-jack, the regular Mic and Headphone plugs known to all who use gaming headphones. Remove the extension to use with your PS4 or console and just plug the single mini-jack into your game controller, using the setup instructions on the accompanying leaflet.

These phones look okay - let's face it, most headphones, no matter what their cost, Brand, Designer or Design look a bit dorky/geeky, which is why the mini-earbuds were created. Of course ear buds, no matter the cost or Brand cannot give as clear and complete a sound as full-on, soft-leather over foam, ear coverings. I think it's the band across the top of the head that creates the geeky look.

I'm not one for data and stats for headphones and the like, though I can say that the Dimensions for the Venom Sabre are: 21.3 x 24.3 x 11.6 cm and weight is 399 gms. For an under £30.00 pair of phones that's all the tech data you need to know, possibly too much really.

I know I have mentioned the price once or twice and that is because it is important. You cannot expect headphones at the price of these to totally equate to headphones costing hundreds of pounds. 

What you get with the Venom Sabre are a pair of headphones that are pretty good sound excluders, unless someone is in front of you (with you looking at them) or they are shouting from very close by then your world is very quiet. With sound coming through them you do not have to concentrate on listening, even at the lowest input sound rate. 

I have used them successfully on a PC, a Laptop and a PS4. They have good in and out sound quality for playing games like Fortnite, plus you can sit in a room with other people doing whatever they are doing and continue to listen to your game or whatever without disturbing them, at least until your adrenaline builds and you get excited and start screaming at the screen or reenacting your onscreen antics. Don't tell me you can play an Action game and just sit still without getting into the rôle.

Very well made
Comfortable seamless fit
Soft head bridge
Extending Microphone
Separate Mic switch
Variable loudness control
Single or twin mini-jack connection

Not So Good:
Plastic/faux leather cushions cause your ears to heat and sweat quite quickly, which becomes a problem when you are playing a long game or using them for some time. Best used for 30-45 minutes at a time.
Extending microphone: Feels quite weak when you are retreating it into its base. Possibly stronger than it looks/feels but not worth trying to push it in case it breaks, leaving you without a mic.
Not many possibilities with the controller. Sound up or down, Mic on or off. That's it!

You could pay a lot more and not get anything better or even as good. At the low end of Headphone costs these compare favourably with the SteelSeries Arctis at £49.99, the NUBWO PS4/XBox ONE Stereo Gaming Headphones at £34.99 and is just a smidgeon behind the £39.99 Razer Kraken X USB




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