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Tuesday 2nd March - The UK games industry is set to offer over a hundred roles in games businesses through job centres across the country in the coming year.

Ukie and Into Games, working on behalf of the sector, has successfully become a gateway partner in the Government’s Kickstart Scheme which provides funding to companies taking on young people out of work as a result of the pandemic.

Forty-five games businesses – including EA, Nosebleed Interactive, Plan of Attack, Drumroll HQ and Futurlab - will be advertising 115 roles across their companies in job centres across the UK, offering six month placements to 18-24 year olds who are currently out of work in a range of disciplines.

Each paid placement will give a successful applicant a chance to take a step into the games industry, while also receiving wraparound training, support and mentorship from the Into Games team to help develop their career further.

“Becoming a partner of the Kickstart scheme shows how committed the industry is to inclusive levelling up,” said Dr Jo Twist OBE, CEO of Ukie. “By providing a valuable range of entry level roles across the country and advertising within job centres, games businesses are showing their commitment to widening access to the industry, which already offers opportunities in clusters across the UK, and especially to those hit hard by the pandemic.”

“A career in games is something that should be open to everyone,” said Declan Cassidy, founder of Into Games. “The Kickstart scheme is a perfect entry point for individuals looking to get their first games industry job and we’re delighted to be able to offer them the training and support to make the most of it.

Ukie and Into Games are also running a second round of applications for the Kickstart scheme to help games businesses open up six month entry level placements to young people.

For details on eligibility and on how to apply, find out more here: find out more here.

About Ukie

Ukie is the not for profit trade body for the UK games and interactive entertainment industry. Its mission is to turn the UK into the best place to make, sell and play games in the world.

It represents more than 500 businesses working across the UK, including game developers, publishers, platforms and service providers. This includes industry advocacy work, managing industry press relations and running trade missions, as well as providing member services.


About Into Games

Into Games is a non-profit Community Interest Company that supports people in finding rewarding careers in the games sector. Our projects connect education and industry while providing guidance for learners from primary school all the way into work. For more information visit:


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