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Live Entertainment new shows and old favourites; tickets now on sale from 14th January 2019

The noise Next Door through Time

Game for a laugh?

With a range of live shows designed to appeal to our UK Games Expo audience, you can see comedy, really clever things and some pretty daft ones as well as sing-a-longs, daring dos and daring don'ts, all with audience participation as well as a gang of comedians and performers to entertain.

You can find full details of all these events on our website at under Events.

Brand new shows for 2020....

The Noise Next Door: Through Time.
Join the undisputed masters of off-the-cuff comedy for a side-splitting, jaw-dropping, time-travelling adventure that's fun for literally everyone. More talent from the Edinburgh Fringe with this family adventure hosted at Toute Suite.
Along with The Noise Next Door Live as the evening Geek/gaming related show. Find out more.

deathtrap expo 2.original

The StoryMaster's Tales presents Ian Livingstone's Deathtrap Dungeon
This new immersive and interactive show, will take YOU into the Tower of Yaztromo the Wizard, where he will transport you into the dreaded Deathtrap Dungeon in search of winning the coveted crown of the Trial of Champions.
Find out more.

Marvel vs DC


Baron Munchausen.original

Marvel vs. DC
In a superhero showdown, there can only be one winner. Will Marvel ‘Smash’ or will DC soar, up, up and away! The guests will debate it out, you get to decide. Find out more.

The Extraordinary Adventures of Baron Munchausen
A panel of renowned comedians and podcasters aim to channel the spirits of the greatest adventurers and raconteurs, challenge each other to tell the best stories of their outlandish exploits and get interrupted. Find out more.

Knightmare Live



Returning favourites...

Knightmare Live
The live stage adaption of the cult TV show Knightmare where a team of comedians help guide audience members through the perils and pitfalls of Tregard's Dungeon.

Jollyboat Come and see the UK’s best comedy-pirate-geek-rock duo as they put on two performances of their comedy songs and see how many geek references you can spot!



swvsst.original med res.original

The Dark Room
The Dark Room is the world’s only live-action text adventure game! From a sell out series of shows at the Edinburgh Fringe there will be 3 performances of The Dark Room plus The Dark Room till you die!

Star Trek vs Star Wars!
Prepare yourself for the ultimate showdown – Star Trek vs Star Wars!Geek culture collides in this fight to see which is better, a galaxy far far away or the final frontier.




The MMORPG show
From Knightmare Live creator Paul Flannery comes The MMORPG show.
The show that combines improvised comedy with table top gaming is back with even more adventures, campaigns and absurdities.

The Performing Nerd
The Performing Nerd: Another favourite of the Expo, Tom Crosbie is back demonstrating his superpowers with setting Rubik's cube records, lightning fast mathematics and memory skills

For full details of all these events see our website at under Events.


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