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UKGE 2017 First events go live

This is the first of two messages today. This first one I set up to come out to you last weekend and then clearly did not hit the send button!

All I can say is it was a day or two after the UKGE Xmas meal! Hic...

IN case you missed messages on Facebook and Twitter UK Games Expo have released the first event tickets for 2017. First up are some of the Live Entertainment events. Awake to find your self in a dark room, relax with some classical music, recreate a 1980s TV classic or save the world from a pandemic and much more.

You need an expo account to book tickets. Follow links on the Tickets Page for more details.

More news later today about other games events, the call for RPG.submissions and our plans for volunteer recruitment. Keep an eye open this evening.

Good luck with that last minute Xmas shopping.

The UKGE team.


The Dark Room

You awake to find yourself in a Dark Room! You, the audience, must choose an option: Will you A) Find the light switch B) Cry for help C) Go North?

Come and play a live action, text-based adventure game! It's a choose your own adventure – so choose it! After 4 million YouTube hits, 10 crowd-surfs, 4 death threats and sell-out shows worldwide. Cult hit The Dark Room returns to UKGE for it's 3rd consecutive year! 
*** (ThreeWeeks). 
'Not to be missed' (Guardian). 
'Don't miss it' (Daily Telegraph).


Knightmare Live!

Enter, stranger!

Knightmare Live is here, and offers you the chance to wear the iconic helmet of justice and play the dungeon.

For this time, the game has changed; every show is different, every room holds a new challenge.

The critically acclaimed comedy stage adaptation of the cult TV classic is now bigger and better than ever. Multiple contestants will be able to take part in a mostly improvised adventure against Lord Fear and his agents of evil.



A crowd gathers, no doubt they hear I seek a champion...

From the makers of Knightmare Live and following a critically acclaimed Edinburgh debut; The MMORPG show (Spirit of the Festival winners VAULT 2016) arrives with more adventures than ever.

Combining improvised comedy with table top gaming in an epic, sprawling, open world, entirely made up fantasy quest.

Every show is different. For every choice a consequence. 
Success decided by a large, light up D20… (20 sided dice)

Will you be victorious? Will you bring harmony to the kingdom or will you betray your new friends for personal glory?


Shadows of ester: ADELIANE concert.

▪ Live Performamnce of the new album for Shadows of Esteren : ADELIANE.
▪ Music composed by François Rousselot composer of MR HUBLOT OST, short film that won the Oscar for best short anim in 2014.
▪ 10 musicians on stage
▪ An unprecedented event: a live concert of music for a pen and paper RPG
▪ Only one date in the UK : the concert will be at UK Games Expo
▪ Meet the team and get your book signed during the show. For the fith time, the Shadows of Esteren authors will be here from France at UKGE
▪ Shadows of Esteren is a medieval roleplaying game with horrific and gothic overtones in a dark, low fantasy setting.

LIve Pandemic

In a follow up to last year’s successful event featuring Colin Baker, John Robertson and Tom Vasel, Live Pandemic Returns, The Expo is in lock-down as award-winning comedian (and 2015 UK Carcassonne champion) James Cook asks you to join us in a game of Pandemic unlike any you've ever played before! 
Featuring a panel of our guests – full details to be confirmed. 
"Looks like fun" - Matt Leacock

Makeup of panel guests still to be confirmed.

Live RPG Plus

Live RPG Plus pits Benjamin Loomes (creator of Syrinscape and host of the Dicestormers) against an all-star cast adventure party, transforming the location (convention ballroom or event space) into a fast and fun gaming experience for players as well as the audience, who will contribute to the action via shout-outs, hold-up cards and social media.

Makeup of panel guests still to be confirmed.


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